Hell's Kitchen Winner Trenton Garvey Has A Message For This Year's Cast

In the age of reality television, everyday hopefuls are thrust into the spotlight for the world to see, judge, and hopefully love. Whether it's watching the quest for love on shows like "The Bachelorette" or "Love is Blind" or witnessing the next musical star be born on shows like "The Voice" or "American Idol," there is something addictive about seeing the drama of everyday people that keeps millions engaged (via The Latch). While plenty of reality television focuses primarily on conflict and fighting, some shows like Hell's Kitchen allow the pressure and competitive angle of a cooking-based show to produce a natural set of hurdles that make it a must-see show week after week.

While nothing can fully prepare someone for fame, words of wisdom from those who have navigated a similar experience are generally a wise place to seek counsel. So, when last season's winner of Hell's Kitchen, Trenton Garvey, gave a message on Instagram to this year's contestants, it understandably got fans of the show's attention.

Words of the wise

In a recent Instagram post, Hell's Kitchen season 20 winner Trenton Garvey reflected on the past year since being crowned. The gratitude-filled post not only reflected on the past year but also included a message from the cast of Season 21.

While meditating on the past year, the chef humbly stated, "It's been a year. One year since I got to unload the secret that had been killing me for over two years. What an incredible journey life can be. I'd never imagined I'd get to cook for @gordongram. I went into the show expecting to go home the first week. Winning @hellskitchenfox still does not feel real. Never had imagined I'd get the opportunity to have such an impact on so many amazing people's lives."

He even thanked his partner Macee for her love and support during this current tenure in Las Vegas, "Vegas has been crazy. We are one year into an amazing journey. I'm eager to see what the next year brings. Fortunately, I have @miss_reginaphalange to ride along. We are ready to conquer the next chapter."

In conclusion, he wished the current cast well by saying, "Good luck to the next group of chefs on season 21. You're in for a wild ride."