The Truth About Trenton Garvey From Hell's Kitchen: Young Guns Season 1

"That's right, I'm a muppet and I'm proud," Trenton Garvey posted to his Instagram on May 15, along with a photo of himself smiling cheerfully in his chef's whites with the caption, "Age 23, Executive Chef." And assuming that Garvey is every bit as adorably self-effacing, talented, and confident as his social media pages suggest, then you might believe that is all you need to know about this young chef who will be competing for the blue team on the 20th season of "Hell's Kitchen," which premieres May 31 on Fox. This year, every one of the 18 chefs featured on the Gordon Ramsay-hosted cooking competition was under the age of 24 at the time the season, appropriately titled "Young Guns," was shot in 2019.

Nevertheless, there's a lot more to know about Trenton Garvey, who champions new dishes and experimentation in the kitchen, according to his social media accounts.

Trenton Garvey is already an executive chef

Today, Trenton Garvey is 25 years old, although at the time he competed on "Hell's Kitchen: Young Guns," he was just 23, according to Gold Derby. Garvey is Arkansas-born but currently lives in St. Louis, Missouri where he works as the executive chef of The Blue Duck. Garvey's been helming the kitchen at The Blue Duck for the past two and a half years, he confirmed to Mashed. "I'm excited to get to represent STL for the second time in HK history," he wrote on Instagram. "I hope I do you proud!"

Since Garvey is now working as an executive chef, it appears he has already made an impression on the culinary world. And how could he not with dishes like the one pictured, which Garvey described as "pork belly burnt ends, pickled celery, celery leaf," and which he developed for The Blue Duck (via Instagram)? Of course, when "Hell's Kitchen: Young Guns" premieres on May 31, Garvey will be competing for the opportunity to level up since the season's winning chef will get a job as executive chef at a restaurant of host Gordon Ramsay's choosing, not to mention a cash prize of $250,000. And we can't wait to see how things unfold!