What Happened To SauceMoto After Shark Tank?

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Countless creations have come out of "Shark Tank," from kitchen tools like Scrub Daddy sponges and the Rapid Ramen Cooker, to yummy foods like mushroom jerky and pizza cupcakes, to household items like PhoneSoap and reusable bamboo paper towels (via Insider). These are of course all great products, but what about gadgets for your car?

In 2019, entrepreneurs Michael Koury, Tony Lahood, and William Moujaes appeared on season 10 of "Shark Tank" with their product, SauceMoto. As you might guess from the name, SauceMoto is a "dip clip," meaning it holds your dipping sauce for you while you're in the car. Ketchup, honey mustard, sweet n' sour sauce, you name it, SauceMoto can hold it.

According to Shark Tank Tales, the trio was hoping to make a deal for $45,000 in exchange for 15% of the company. Shark Kevin O'Leary particularly enjoyed the pitch and offered the requested $45,000, but for 25% of the company. The trio accepted, so where is SauceMoto today?

The story behind the SauceMoto dip clip

There's no question that eating in the car can be a struggle. If you want to dip your fast food fries in ketchup while you drive, you're pretty much out of luck unless you want to risk a big spill. Per the Shark Tank Blog, a sauce spill in 2007 is what prompted SauceMoto's creators to start brainstorming a solution.

After years of 3D printing prototypes, Michael Koury, Tony Lahood, and William Moujaes had a dip clip that could attach to any car's air vents and hold any kind of sauce packet. They next took their product to Kickstarter, where they raised more than $63,000 in just two years.

By the time SauceMoto appeared on "Shark Tank," the company had an estimated net worth of $300,000 according to BizzBucket. While a few of the sharks were unsure whether or not SauceMoto would sell, shark Kevin O'Leary was intrigued. After all, while we may not be able to agree on what the best dipping sauce is, we can all agree that we need sauce. O'Leary offered the trio the $45,000 they were asking for, and the rest is history.

Where is SauceMoto today?

Three years after appearing on "Shark Tank," SauceMoto is still going strong. According to Shark Tank Recap, shark Kevin O'Leary may have never actually gone through with the deal, but regardless, SauceMoto brings in about $400,000 each year.

SauceMoto dip clips currently come in several colors including red, gray, black, and rose gold. You can purchase a two-pack for $10.95, as well as packs of four, six, or ten. Each dip clip comes with a dip tray — in case you want to use your own sauce — and fits a wide variety of fast food sauces. Gone are the days of sauceless road trip chicken nuggets!

In addition to selling SauceMoto on its own website, the clips are also available at Walmart and on Amazon, where they have a customer rating of 4.6 and more than 19,600 reviews. Although a couple of people noted that some round fast food sauces don't fit and a few said the vent clip wasn't very secure, the majority seem thrilled with the product. From all appearances, SauceMoto is a pretty big hit.