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The Best Kitchen Tools We've Seen On Shark Tank

Since 2009, "Shark Tank" has been making the American dream a reality for budding entrepreneurs by investing money into their upstart businesses. Over that time, more than 1,100 products have been featured on the show (via Shark Tank Products). Many of these ingenious products are tools that make common kitchen tasks as easy as pie.

Viewers have seen several incredible products on Shark Tank, from ultra-convenient cutting boards and food storage bags to devices that make quick work out of whipping up a glass of cold-brew coffee or cooking a plate of instant ramen. Some provide sustainable solutions to kitchen staples such as paper towels while others add an extra level of deliciousness to classic treats such as brownies. 

Others are simply more effective than similar tools that came before them. In any case, many of these products provide added ease, convenience, and excitement to cooks who incorporate these items into their kitchens.

Scrub Daddy

Simply put, Scrub Daddy is one of the most successful products that has been featured on "Shark Tank:" According to Investopedia, Scrub Daddy sales have reached $209 million. With numbers like that, you'd be right in guessing the Scrub Daddy is not your average sponge. It was invented by Aaron Krause, who was running a manufacturing business at the time and was constantly ending up with his hands covered in oil and dirt (via Scrub Daddy). 

Krause used his previous experience with making buffing pads to develop a polymer foam, which proved to be the perfect solution for getting his hands clean. Kruse later discovered that his invention was the ideal tool for cleaning surfaces and utensils. The foam for Scrub Daddy turned hard in cold temperatures and soft in warm water, which allowed it to clean furniture as well as dirty dishes without even leaving a scratch. Krause added a smile to the foam and created a second patent. 

On "Shark Tank," Krause secured a deal with Lori Greiner and the rest is history. As he told CEO Magazine, "When the episode aired in October 2012, the business exploded and it hasn't slowed down since." Scrub Daddy is now flying off the shelves at dozens of retailers across the country. The company has also expanded its product line to include items like scouring pads, cleaning compounds, and soap dispensers.

At the time of this writing, a three-pack of Scrub Daddy can be purchased on Amazon for $9.87. 

Stasher storage bags

Single-use plastic is not only harmful to the environment, it also poses a constant, recurring cost to consumers (via Nature's Path). Entrepreneur and inventor Kat Nouri was way ahead of the game: Nouri began making reusable, silicone-based storage alternatives to plastic in 2005 (via Milwaukee Business Journal). Not only can these bags be utilized endlessly, but they can also be safely stored in the fridge, used in microwaves, and run through the dishwasher (via Stasher).

More than a decade after first developing her product, Nouri established her company, known as Stasher, and finally got a chance to pitch her business on "Shark Tank" (via Gerber Finance). She was offered a deal from Mark Cuban but ultimately turned it down as it would have forced her to give up too much of her company.  

The company's product line has grown to include stand-up bags and bowls. In 2019, Nouri sold Stasher to SC Johnson. "Stasher is a fast-growing, innovative brand that has built a great reputation with its high-quality products," said SC Johnson chairman and CEO Fisk Johnson (via SC Johnson). "Stasher bags are an excellent complement to our portfolio of trusted, quality brands."

At the time of this writing, the Stasher storage bag can be purchased in a range of different colors on Amazon for $12.99.

WISP broom set

Crumbs and food scraps inevitably find their way to the floors of even the most pristine kitchens. And for all the good that brooms and dustpans do, they are far from the perfect solution. Trying to hold the dustpan while sweeping is a nearly impossible task, and no matter how hard you try, there's always a little bit of dirt and dust left behind. The WISP system solves all those problems. 

The broom contains electrostatically charged bristles that sweep along the floor at a 90-degree angle to create a squeegee-like effect that leaves no debris behind. The dustpan forms a seal on any floor surface with just some light foot pressure. The end result is a cleaning set that allows you to effectively sweep any kitchen with a single hand and without any awkward bending over.

WISP inventor Eben Dobson showcased his handy product on "Good Morning America" and "The View," before heading to "Shark Tank" (via The San Diego Union-Tribune). Although he left "Shark Tank" without a deal, the story continued. After the show, investor Lori Greiner contacted Dobson and offered to get the WISP on QVC, a popular shopping network. Not long after, the product was showcased on QVC (via YouTube). 

As of May 2022, the WISP broom and dustpan set can be purchased on Amazon for $29.95. 

The Cup Board Pro

Not only is the Cup Board Pro one of the best products to come out of "Shark Tank," but this tool also has a highly memorable back story: It was developed by New York City firefighter and two-time "Chopped" champion Keith Young (via Firehouse Chef). The Cup Board Pro is a cutting board that makes meal prep and cleanup a breeze.

It comes equipped with an attachable tray to store ingredients after they've been cut, or to hold food scraps destined for the garbage (via Williams Sonoma). It even has strategically placed grooves that funnel juices from sliced meat into the tray, leaving the board clean for cutting. Tragically, Young passed away from a 9/11-related illness before he could fulfill his dream of pitching the Cup Board Pro on "Shark Tank." 

Young's three children appeared on "Shark Tank" to actualize their late father's aspiration. Their story, which included losing their mother to cancer several years earlier, brought tears to the eyes of judges on the show. In an extremely rare occurrence, all five investors joined together to offer the trio a deal (via Business Insider). The Sharks were able to secure a deal with Williams-Sonoma to get the Cup Board Pro into 600 stores across the country (via CNBC). It is now available in different sizes and colors.

The Cup Board Pro can be purchased from Williams Sonoma in various colors for $79.95 at the time of this writing. 

Ezpz all-in-one plates and placemats

As any parent will tell you, mealtime with the little ones is a messy affair (via Fatherly). More food usually ends up on surfaces than in the kids' mouths. Tired of cleaning up after her three young sons, Lindsey Laurain went to work developing a product that would eliminate (or at least greatly reduce) the messiness of child mealtime (via Ezpz). 

The result was Ezpz, a line of all-in-one plate and placemat products that suction to the table to keep them secured. Their flagship product is the Happy Mat, which is shaped to look like a smiling face. Laurain had such confidence in her product that when she pitched it on "Shark Tank," she asked for $1 million from the sharks in exchange for 5% ownership (via Inc.) While Laurain had only sold 85,000 units that year, netting $1.2 million in sales, her ask on the show was based on the extensive interest she received from vendors at a baby expo she had previously attended. 

While Lauren did not take the deal she was accepted on the show, this hasn't slowed down the company. The business has gained about 1.3 million units and has hit close to $10 million in sales (via E! News). Ezpz has also expanded its product line to include bowls, cups, utensils, and kitchen accessories. 

The Ezpz placemat can be found in a variety of different colors on Amazon for $25.99 at the time of this writing. 

The Spatty

The Spatty is a product so simple yet so effective that you can be left wondering, "Why didn't I think of that?" (via The Spatty). We've all been there before: Trying desperately to shake, scoop, and spoon the very last bit of food out of a jar. This product solves that problem. The Spatty is essentially a long, thin spatula that fits easily into any container's opening and reaches down to the bottom to get the last bit out. 

The product was initially invented by Cheryl Rigdon to get makeup out of the bottom of bottles. Then she realized that a slightly larger Spatty would be perfect for the kitchen. Rigdon didn't land a deal when she appeared on "Shark Tank," as she didn't yet have a business. As she told My Brand Journey, all Rigdon had to show the Sharks were the Spatty prototype models she made at home.

After the show aired, Rigdon received several orders for this useful tool. Spurred on by the response, Rigdon forged ahead and began manufacturing the Spatty. Since then, it's been featured on shows such as "Good Morning America," "The View," and in magazines such as Seventeen and Forbes. It's sold on the Spatty website as well as Wal-Mart as well as Bed, Bath, & Beyond. Rigdon says she has sold $2 million worth of Spatty tools as of 2020.

As of May 2022, a single pack of the Spatty can be bought on Amazon for $9.25.

The Frywall

Those among us who love fried food may know that it can be a dangerous affair. Just one drop of boiling-hot oil hitting your hand will make you question whether the juice is worth the squeeze. Also, bubbling oil and sauces can make a mess on your stovetop and counters. This is where the Frywall comes into play. The Frywall has a silicone cone that fits inside the rim of a sauté pan and forms a protective wall around the pan. 

It can withstand high levels of heat. The Frywall's design allows steam to escape while also allowing the chef to stir the food. As Frywall inventor Yair Reiner explained on "Shark Tank," he created this product during the course of his home cooking. Once he began using his own invention in the kitchen, he realized it was a novel product with potential (via CNBC). 

The Frywall has received praise from the likes of America's Test KitchenCook's Illustrated, and the Los Angeles Times. And, if revenue is any indicator, this splatter guard truly does hit a home run: As of September 2021, the Frywall had brought in several million dollars worth of sales, making it one of the best-selling products to ever appear on "Shark Tank" (via Go Banking Rates).

At the time of this writing, the 12-inch Frywall can be purchased on Amazon for $27.95. The Frywall is also available in other sizes; the 8-inch and 10-inch Frywalls can be bought for $18.95 and $19.95, respectively. 

Grease Bags

Have you ever found yourself pouring the excess grease from some freshly cooked bacon into a jar or a yogurt container and thought to yourself, there has to be a better way to do this? (via Kitchn). So, too, has LaTangela Newsome, who, when faced with the same issue, created Grease Bags. As the name suggests, the product is a safe, convenient, and eco-friendly way of disposing of grease. Grease Bags work by absorbing the grease and encapsulating it so that it will never leak. Additionally, the bags are reusable and compostable.

While the idea certainly seems to have investment potential, as Newsome's business was still nascent when she appeared on "Shark Tank," the judges weren't quite as sold (via Cosmopolitan). Newsome made a deal with Barbara Corcoran on air, but it ultimately fell apart. Still, the entrepreneur doesn't regret appearing on television early. "I think if I hadn't gone on 'Shark Tank' it would have been one of those things where when the going got tough, we wouldn't have pushed ourselves," she said.

As of May 2022, the Grease Bags Bundle can be purchased via the Grease Bags website for $34.99.

Baker's Edge pan

The corner brownies are often the best brownies in the batch (via Spoon University). They provide the best of both worlds: Crispy edges with a soft, gooey interior. But alas, there are only four such pieces in any pan of brownies. Correction: There were only four until the Baker's Edge pan came along.

The Baker's Edge pan was developed by Matt Griffin (via Baker's Edge). After spending several years developing the product and the plan, Matt and his wife, Emily Griffin, produced the pan in 2005. The result is a snake-like design that increases the number of crispy edges per brownie pan. The Baker's Edge brownie and lasagna pans are so beloved that they landed on Oprah's Favorite Things list in 2010 (via ABC News). As Winfrey said, "EVERY BROWNIE HAS AN EDGE –- GENIUS!" 

The couple brought their pan to "Shark Tank" in 2014 (via Indianapolis Business Journal). It wasn't enough to entice the investors as none of them made an offer (via News Channel Nebraska). This didn't deter the brand's success: In April, consumer products company Sorfeo purchased the Baker's Edge company. "Matt and Emily have created a truly unique set of products for people that love the edges, in brownies and baked lasagna," said Hal Widlansky, Sorfeo CEO and co-founder. 

At the time of this writing, the Baker's Edge Pan can be purchased on Amazon for as little as $39.99.

The Rapid Ramen Cooker

Ramen has long been a popular choice for those looking for a quick, cheap, and filling meal. However, between boiling the water and cooking the noodles, preparing ramen can take up to 10 minutes (via Epicurious). What if cooking ramen could be even easier? Behold the Rapid Ramen Cooker: This tool cooks ramen in just half the time. Plus, there's no cleanup afterwards. Simply place the ramen in the cooker, add water, and microwave for three minutes. You can eat your meal directly out of the cooker and then throw the tool right into the dishwasher.

As Rapid Ramen inventor Christopher Johnson says, "What I found through my research is that when there is excess space and excess water, the microwave heats the water and doesn't actually cook the noodles. My design used the exact dimensions for the depth of the water and size of the bowl. When it worked, I was like, this is a freaking winner."

In 2013, Johnson appeared on "Shark Tank" and secured an investment from Mark Cuban. Cuban also obtained a deal to have the Rapid Ramen Cooker sold in Walmart, where it can still be found and purchased today (via Sacramento Business Journal). In 2016, Johnson partnered with Top Ramen, one of the original instant ramen noodle makers, to create a line of Top Ramen-branded Rapid Ramen cookers (via ABC 10).

As of May 2022, the Rapid Ramen Cooker is available for purchase on Amazon for $10.99. 

BRUW Infusion Filter

Most coffee lovers enjoy a nice hot cup of coffee. Many coffee drinkers also enjoy the rising trend of cold brew (via Statista). While cold brew has become increasingly popular over the years, it is not quite as easy to make as its heated counterpart (via The Spruce Eats). 

Such was the experience of a teenager named Max Feber when he tried making a cup of cold brew using a cheese cloth as a filter (via Babson Thought & Action). Determined to find a more efficient method, Ferber concocted a homemade filtering system using a screen and two mason jars lids. In 2019, Ferber pitched his BRUW cold-brew coffee system on "Shark Tank," where he secured a deal with Mark Cuban (via Deadline Detroit). 

BRUW is remarkably easy to use: To make the perfect cup of coffee, simply add a few tablespoons of ground coffee to one of the jars, fill it with water, and let it steep in the refrigerator for 18-24 hours (via BRUW). Once it's ready, just attach the BRUW filter, screw the empty mason jar on top, and flip the whole thing over and soon you'll have some delicious cold brew coffee. After BRUW's television appearance, the company joined forces with Snarky Tea, which is another "Shark Tank" business. The original filter has been modified to work with tea as well as coffee.

The BRUW Infusion Filter is available for purchase on the BRUV website for $14.99 at the time of this writing. 

Bambooee washable towels

Americans spend a whopping $5.7 billion on household paper towels each year ( via The Atlantic). Paper towels can be expensive; additionally, their single-use status also takes a significant toll on the environment: According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the United States produced 3.8 billion pounds of solid paper waste in 2018 (this includes paper towels and tissue paper).

Bambooee is a line of reusable paper towels that looks to solve these problems. As the name implies, the towels are sourced from bamboo, which, unlike trees, regrows every year (via Insider). Furthermore, Bambooee towels are thicker and more absorbent than their traditional counterparts. According to the brand, these sheets can be washed and reused up to 100 times. 

The company claims that a single Bambooee roll replaces up to 429 paper towel rolls. As an added bonus, the company plants a tree for every roll sold. The product appeared on "Shark Tank" in 2013 and Lori Griener invested $200,000 in the company. Bambooee has also been showcased on QVC. The product is now available at retailers nationwide. Bambooee has also expanded its product line to include bamboo-based towels for pets, as well as pillows and cushions.

At the time of this writing, the Bambooee paper towel replacement can be purchased on Amazon for $10.99. 

The Smart Baker pre-cut parchment paper

Parchment paper is an essential tool for bakers and is a necessary component of many recipes such as pumpkin cheesecakedouble chocolate chip cookies, and others. However, cutting and using parchment paper can sometimes get a little messy, especially if one is trying to line a circular pan. 

It is precisely this problem that has led the people at The Smart Baker to come up with pre-cut parchment paper. The individual sheets come in all shapes and sizes in order to fit every type of pan. They even come with handy tabs to easily lift food out of deep baking pans. The brand also sells cupcake towers, aprons, and towels. While the founders of this company were not offered a deal on "Shark Tank," the publicity alone was enough to send sales skyrocketing (via Insider). 

The company's sales brought in $600,000 in revenue in the year after the episode first aired. As Smart Baker co-founder Daniel Rensing said, "Not doing the deal and having that exposure was probably the best scenario for us." As of 2019, the company has sold hundreds of thousands of pre-cut parchment papers in addition to tens of thousands of cupcake stands (via Kiplinger).

As of May 2022, the Smart Baker perfect parchment pre-cut paper sheets can be purchased on Amazon for $46.99 in a pack that includes half, small, medium, and large sizes.