The Terrifying Meat Baby Dish That 45% Of Twitter Said They'd Eat

Halloween tends to bring out the weird and sometimes spooky sides of people, but it also forces out a fair amount of creativity, for better or worse. And while, for a bit, that creativity leaned more towards costumes and house decor, it has certainly made its way into the food world as well. For example, a Halloween food trend came up that boasted a clever pasta recipe to serve at a spooky holiday-themed party that makes it seem like you're serving up eyeballs, not meatballs.

And in the trend of charcuterie and cheese boards, Halloween boards have been making quite the splash, especially the skeleton charcuterie. Popsugar posted examples of the trend in which people try to recreate the look of a skeleton on their cheese and charcuterie boards using some of the food they would normally include. While there is no denying, the trend is a bit odd — The Board Lord, Jared Fried can attest to that (via Twitter) — it is, nonetheless, a smash with Halloween party people. But apparently, there is a new spooky and unsettling hit on the horizon.

Fair warning: Meat baby may haunt your dreams

A Twitter account recently posted about a find sent their way in which people are making a "meat baby," and while it's not exactly what you might think, it is certainly still a choice. The photo posted by the account depicts a side-by-side photo of a precooked and post-cooked dish featuring what looks like a large meatloaf in the shape of a baby, using bacon as the diaper, which somehow looks even more terrifying when cooked.

Beneath the "baby" photo, the account posted a poll, asking if people would eat it. And while a majority are on the side of avoidance, the vote was close, with 45% saying they would actually try it. As @stunnaboyreal pointed out, it is, after all, "basically just a slab of meat." However many could not get past the name and look of the dish, with @litz_412 noting "imma pass on the meat baby" and @ialoken_aslet calling it a "horrendous creation."