The Cheesy '80s Fudge That's Making TikTok's Taste Buds Dance

According to The New York Times, TikTok has completely captivated the minds of Gen Z'ers far and wide with its illustrious at-home recipes, kitchen hacks, and recent search engine prospects. Yet there has been a new trend that is growing within the platform's bounds and it's all about the mystical elements of nostalgia. According to The Guardian, the younger generation's newfound love of the past isn't due to the loss of anything, but simply the desire to reinterpret cultural notions of history. In layman's terms, people are weaving what they love about the past into their own cultural frameworks.

With 49.6 billion views of #nostalgia on TikTok, different aspects of the past are proving to be more popular than others. Aside from the overwhelming desire to collect trendy secondhand clothes, there is a specific sect of people devoted to vintage desserts.

Accounts like @momsrecipebox have over 175,000 followers and a simple vintage pineapple upside-down cake from @organicallyaddison has accrued over 70,000 likes. Among the many recipes that make you think of the past such as jello molds or marshmallow salad, fudge is a staple recipe when it comes to representing desserts of the past. Of all the fudge recipes out there, however, there is one that stands above its odd and outdated ingredient list for one popular TikTok user.

TikTok users agree processed cheese and chocolate make one mouthwatering vintage dessert

Among the many foods from the 1980s that are weirdly making a comeback, there are some recipes that may cause eyebrow raises based on the list of suggested ingredients. However, TikTok was pleasantly surprised when @bdylanhollis decided to take a leap of faith in making Velveeta Fudge from 1984. Sure, you've most likely seen Velveeta in Superbowl dips and cut up on crackers, but in a fudge recipe? While it's true that some unique concoctions came out of the 1980s and early 1990s, such as Duncan Hines' microwavable cupcakes (via YouTube), TikTok users were intrigued by this retro dessert.

One user responded to the video with, "One of my neighbors made fudge like this and it made my mom irrationally angry about how good it is." Another user was skeptical but decided that anything with mass amounts of powdered sugar probably has the ability to transform into tasty goodness. The video was praised for @bdylanhollis's surprising smile at the end when he eventually tastes the cheesy and chocolatey treat. When remarking on vintage recipes in the video's comments, the TikToker claims he's "trying to find a bad one at this point."

It's true that the now famous TikTok user has charmed his internet audience with depression-era recipes for a few years now. If @bdylanhollis can't entice you with pork cake or Chow Mein cookies, maybe he'll persuade you to give Velveeta fudge a try.