26 TikTok Recipes That Will Have You Cooking Like A Star

Whether you hate it, love it, or just plain don't get it, there's no question that TikTok has a huge influence on food and food trends. CNN shares that Gen Zers are the largest consumers of recipe videos on TikTok, representing a whole generation of burgeoning foodies. Unlike other platforms that favor shots of perfectly prepared, highly-styled, and seemingly complicated dishes, TikTok trends embrace a casual, fun, and fast approach paired with music and the personality quirks of the platform's content creators. Some of the most popular videos share clever tricks like the tortilla wrap hack or ingenious ways to use everyday ingredients, like using pesto to cook eggs. 

TikTok has also spiked an interest in dishes and ingredients that are well-loved internationally but that may be new to some viewers, like birria tacos, feta cheese, and jackfruit. Additionally, since the majority of the trending TikTok recipes are also vegan or vegetarian, according to In The Know, millions of viewers find plant-based food inspiration through the platform, including recipes like vegan cashew cheese and carrot bacon. 

Here are more than two dozen of the best recipes made famous by TikTok. With complete ingredients lists and clear directions, it's easy to give them a whirl!

1. Tortilla Wrap Hack

One of the hottest TikTok trends is the tortilla wrap hack, and it really is genius. Though it's not quite clear who first shared the hack, this video from user @alphafoodie is one of the earliest. According to the Washington Post, the tortilla wrap hack pulled in billions of views in early 2021 alone. You should try it, too! This taco-inspired version has quadrants of seasoned ground beef, sour cream, cheese, and fresh veggies. Fold up the tortilla one section at a time, then heat it to make it melty. Experiment with other savory and sweet fillings, too.

Recipe: Tortilla Wrap Hack

2. Cereal Pancakes

Whether you call it pancake cereal or cereal pancakes, it's a fun way to change-up your breakfast! Just make dozens of teeny-tiny pancakes, pile them into a cereal bowl, and eat them with a drizzle of syrup or even in milk. This was one of the earliest recipes to go viral on TikTok after it was shared by user @sydneymelhoff in early 2020. Our recipe shows you how to make a basic pancake batter, then use it to create two servings of perfect, mini cereal pancakes. Eat them with syrup, milk, or even chocolate milk!

Recipe: Cereal Pancakes

3. Pesto Eggs

If love making eggs, you know that a little oil in the pan helps keep them from sticking. In 2021 TikTok user @amywilichowski discovered she could give her eggs a big flavor boost by cooking them in olive oil-based pesto. Wilichowski shared her hack on TikTok and fans of both eggs and pesto were ecstatic. To try this food trend at home, just get some pesto and eggs: Our recipe shows you how to cook them up in just five minutes. Serve these herby eggs with toast, in a breakfast sandwich, or with home fries. 

Recipe: TikTok Pesto Eggs

4. Cloud Bread

According to Eater, the summer of 2020 saw one of the most popular TikTok food obsessions: cloud bread. The jiggly loaves were made with beaten egg whites, a little sugar, and food coloring for candy-like shades of pink and blue. The result was eye-catching, though not very tasty. This Mashed recipe fixes that by blending cream cheese and savory seasonings into the mixture, for gluten-free, mini cloud breads that actually taste good. Spread them with butter, use them to hold deli meats, or create breakfast sandwiches with the cloud breads.

Recipe: Cloud Bread

5. Whipped Lemonade

The evolution of Whipped Lemonade began when TikTokers, intrigued by the transformation of instant coffee in 2020's viral dalgona coffee recipe, started playing with other instant drink mixes. TikTok user @goldenxclouds blended Kool-Aid mix with cream to add a strawberry-flavored float to regular lemonade. Eventually, clever users like @mtlajeunnesse brought the creaminess directly to the lemonade, by blending fresh lemon juice with cream, sweetened condensed milk, and ice. The result is a thick, refreshing drink that's almost milkshake-like. If you love lemon, you need to try this sweet treat!

Recipe: Whipped Lemonade

6. Custard Toast

One of the first TikTokers to share custard toast was @_moody_day_, who poured a blend of egg and yogurt into the centers of thickly-sliced bread, then baked them until set. The creamy and comforting breakfast treat quickly took off: Food52 shares that the hashtags #custardtoast and #yogurttoast had tens of millions of views on the platform. This easy custard toast recipe is made with ingredients you probably already have on hand — and it bakes up in just 15 minutes. Top the toast with berries, maple syrup, or chocolate chips.

Recipe: Custard Toast

7. Air Fryer Corn Ribs

Videos from TikTokers like @spicednice quickly made corn ribs one of the hottest dishes of 2021. The tantalizing strips of toasted corn kernels are made by slicing vertically through an ear of corn, right through the cob, to create several ribs of corn. Basted in spiced oil, the strips cook up in your air fryer, where they curl as the kernels soften and turn golden. Fun fact: Though it was popularized on TikTok, this dish was actually created by New York Momofuku chef Maximus Ng (via Instagram). 

Recipe: Air Fryer Corn Ribs

8. Hot Chocolate Bombs

Newsweek shares that the hot cocoa bomb fascination all began with Costco, specifically when the megachain started selling them in the fall of 2020. News of the chocolate spheres filled with hot cocoa mix and marshmallows quickly spread on social media, and it wasn't long before creative TikTokers shared recipes for their own versions. The truth is, once you have a chocolate sphere mold (find them online or in craft stores) hot chocolate bombs are easy and fun to make. Try different chocolates, shimmery edible dusts, and fillings like festive sprinkles.

Recipe: Hot Chocolate Bombs

9. Feta Pasta

The world has Finnish food artist Jenni Häyrinen to thank for creating and sharing her recipe for baked feta pasta on her blog Liemessä. When American blogger MacKenzie Smith translated the recipe and shared it on social media, it quickly went very, very viral on TikTok — suddenly, grocery stores were running out of feta. This version by Susan Olayinka, with cherry tomatoes, oregano, shallots, garlic, and feta cheese in the center, bakes up in 40 minutes. Blend the softened tomatoes with the cheese, then toss with pasta and fresh basil. 

Recipe: Feta Pasta

10. 3-Ingredient Vanilla Ice Cream

Though this simple ice cream recipe that requires no machine has been around for a while (BBC Good Food shared their version in 2010), it's back in the spotlight thanks, of course, to TikTok. Enthusiastic creator @jasfoodhax posted one of the earliest TikTok videos showing how quickly you can assemble this 3-ingredient ice cream, using sweetened condensed milk, cream, and a flavoring of your choice. In Mark Beahm's recipe below that flavoring is vanilla, but feel free to raid your pantry for mix-ins too, like chocolate syrup, sprinkles, and salted caramel. 

Recipe: 3-Ingredient Vanilla Ice Cream

11. Vegan Cashew Cheese

According to VegNews, some of the most-watched food videos on TikTok are for vegan dishes, bringing in billions of views in recent years. Recipes for vegan cheese represent a big slice of that content, which often includes cashew cheese, a plant-based blend of softened cashews and spices as well as nutritional yeast to bring that cheesy flavor. It takes only five minutes to blend up, and has a texture like that of pub cheese, making it perfect to enjoy with crackers, raw veggies, and sandwiches. 

Recipe: Vegan Cashew Cheese

12. Dalgona Coffee

Also known as whipped coffee, this sweet drink was one of the first recipes to go viral (as seen in countless TikTok videos) during the Covid-19 lockdown. Vice shares that interest in dalgona coffee first took off in South Korea, although versions of the whipped coffee and sugar drink are popular in other countries as well. Use a milk frother or hand mixer to blend instant coffee with hot water and sugar, until you have a thick and creamy coffee confection. Serve it spooned into a glass of milk, use it to top ice cream and cocktails, or dip some cookies in the sweet, fluffy treat. 

Recipe: Dalgona Coffee

13. Crispy Giant French Fries

This TikTok favorite is exactly what it sounds like! The giant fries are made from mashed potatoes — easy to make by steaming sliced potatoes in the microwave — that are rolled into strips and baked until crisp. TikTok user @rudolphclara shared this recipe in the summer of 2021, and the idea quickly took off. According to Food Network, brushing the potato strips with oil is an important step that helps make the giant fries really crispy. They also recommend using the convection setting on your oven, or making the fries in an air fryer for the best results. 

Recipe: Crispy Giant French Fries

14. Nutella Baked Oats

Over one billion views on the #bakedoats hashtag on TikTok shows that this is one viral recipe that folks are really digging! A treat made with healthy oats, but sweet with a cake-like texture — yeah, we definitely understand the appeal of baked oats, and so does Giada De Laurentiis. Use a high-powered blender to grind up oats with an egg, baking powder, banana, and honey. Pour the batter into ramekins with a dollop of Nutella in the center, and bake for 30 minutes. Once you try it, you'll be inspired to try all kinds of variations on baked oats. 

Recipe: Nutella Baked Oats

15. Pasta Chips

Don't make the mistake of thinking that pasta chips are just uncooked noodles. They're actually made by first cooking pasta, such as ridged rigatoni or butterfly-shaped farfalle, then tossing the pasta with spices and Parmesan cheese. The seasoned noodles are then loaded into an air fryer where they crisp up and turn golden brown. Pasta chips are a fun snack to set out as an appetizer, especially since you can play around with different seasoning blends and dipping sauces. 

Recipe: Pasta Chips

16. 3-Ingredient Crème Brûlèe

It's one of the best restaurant desserts, but Today points out that trying to make crème brûlée at home can be a daunting prospect. But when fans of the sweet custard were forced to stay home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a new technique popped up on TikTok. This trick, first shared several years ago by Tasty, uses vanilla ice cream to easily make the custard. Bake it in ramekins in a simple water bath, and caramelize a little sugar to make the crisp top. 

Recipe: 3-Ingredient Crème Brûlée

17. High Protein Coffee

According to Insider, high protein coffee (or "proffee") garnered a lot of interest on TikTok in the spring of 2021 and it's no surprise why. It brings together two things that so many of us need to get our days started: coffee and protein drinks. There are many ways to create this combo — this easy recipe from Susan Olayinka combines instant coffee with hot water and your favorite protein powder. Whisk the mixture until it's smooth, then enjoy it hot or iced with creamer, milk, or milk alternatives. 

Recipe: High Protein Coffee

18. Carrot Bacon

Here's yet another vegan treat that went viral on the social platform. Cookbook author Tabitha Brown shared her easy technique on TikTok for making carrot bacon. Brown's video has since received over 3 million likes, and fans are thrilled to have a meat-free way to add the flavor of bacon to eggs, sandwiches, and more. Essentially, strips of carrot get seasoned and marinated, then cooked until crisp in an air fryer. In Miriam Hahn's recipe, ingredients like smoked paprika, pepper, liquid smoke, and maple syrup give these carrot bacon strips an irresistible, savory flavor.

Recipe: Carrot Bacon

19. Pasta Skewers

This pasta-on-a-stick trick took off after user @heartbeatfood shared their video on TikTok in 2021. It's a really fun twist that kids and grownups will love for dinner or a snack. Thread cooked, large tube pasta like rigatoni or ziti onto skewers. Pushed close together, the pasta forms a sort of raft that can be brushed with pasta sauce, then loaded with shredded mozzarella, pepperoni, herbs, chopped meatballs — basically any toppings that you love with your pasta. Cook the skewers in an air fryer until they're melty with crispy edges. 

Recipe: Pasta Skewers

20. Sheet Pan Pancakes

In The Know gives this TikTok favorite recipe for sheet pan pancakes top marks for not only being delicious, but also for being easier to make than traditional pancakes. Prepare this easy homemade pancake batter (or use your favorite boxed mix) and pour it into a large sheet pan. Bake it for just 15 minutes: No standing at the stove endlessly flipping single pancakes. The best part is you can add toppings before baking, either scattered over the entire surface or in separate sections. Sheet pan pancakes are soft, thick, and have toasty, crispy edges. Yum!

Recipe: Sheet Pan Pancakes

21. Ranch Water

If you hear "ranch" and immediately think of salad dressing, you might be understandably wary of something called ranch water. Don't worry: This drink has nothing to do with dressing, and everything to do with quenching thirst with a simple, refreshing drink. Parade shares that ranch water, a favorite cocktail for hot afternoons in Southwestern states like Texas, is made by mixing fresh-squeezed lime juice and tequila with Topo Chico sparkling water. Garnish the glasses with lime wedges, and you can also coat the rims with salt or a spicy blend like Tajín

Recipe: Ranch Water

22. Instant Pot Birria Tacos

One example of how TikTok has helped introduce the foods of other cultures to a new audience is the birria tacos trend – the hashtag #birriatacos has over 700 million views. This recipe from Kirsten Carli shows you how to make birria in an Instant Pot, cutting the cooking time down from hours to just 40 minutes. The tender beef cooked in a broth of chiles, spices, and onions is piled into soft tortillas with cheese, then cooked until melty. You can dip the cheesy tacos in the cooking broth, or even dip the tortillas before assembling. 

Recipe: Instant Pot Birria Tacos

23. Pasta Alla Vodka

According to PopSugar, this Italian-American recipe first took off on Instagram Stories where it was shared by model Gigi Hadid. TikTok quickly took notice — the hashtag #gigihadidpasta has over 260 million views with users trying and tweaking her recipe. While Paesana notes that this pasta with pink, creamy vodka sauce have been around since the 1970s, we're grateful to Hadid for reviving interest in the tasty dish. To make a spicy vodka pasta like Hadid does, just add a hearty helping of red pepper flakes to the sauce. 

Recipe: Pasta Alla Vodka

24. Mac And Cheese In A Mug

What's nearly as easy as microwaving a bowl of Kraft Easy Mac? Making a homemade version with just a few common ingredients. That's why #mugmacandcheese has almost 7 million views on TikTok: Everyone wants to try it. Along with short pasta and shredded cheese, the recipe also calls for milk and cornstarch. (Once you buy cornstarch, you'll find all kinds of ways to use it.) These two ingredients turn the cheese into a creamy sauce, which means you're less than 10 minutes from warm and melty mac in a mug.

Recipe: Mac And Cheese In A Mug

25. Copycat Chipotle Corn Salsa

When everyone was stuck at home during pandemic lockdowns, Chipotle did us all a solid by sharing how they make its roasted corn salsa on TikTok. That video pulled in over a million views, and Chipotle fans rushed to try and make this fresh, easy salsa at home. This copycat recipe from Kristen Carli comes together in no time, combining jalapeños, red onion, canned corn, cilantro, and lime juice. Plus, you can always put your own twist on it by adding roasted corn kernels, diced tomatoes, or extra spices like cumin and chili powder. 

Recipe: Copycat Chipotle Corn Salsa 

26. Chocolate Quinoa Bites

Today shares that cookbook author Samantha Perpignand created this candy as a healthy alternative to a Nestlé Crunch Bar. The simple recipe went viral on TikTok and other social media, and it's easy to see why: The chocolate treats have crunch from toasted quinoa grains, plus using dark chocolate means they have less sugar. Our recipe makes it even easier by using pre-puffed quinoa, and there are chopped walnuts and goji berries mixed in for added protein and flavor. The bites are a tasty indulgence that you can store in the fridge or freezer.  

Recipe: Chocolate Quinoa Bites