Twitter Is Roasting Ron DeSantis For Waffle House Line Cooking Fail

Twitter is poking fun at Governor Ron DeSantis after seeing a video of him trying to serve hash browns. This video was a product of DeSantis helping out at a Waffle House on October 1, in response to the devastating impact of Hurricane Ian in parts of Florida.

The natural disaster left a particularly large wake of destruction as it passed through southwest Florida, leaving many towns flooded and residents without power (via Fox Business). In an effort to support the affected communities, DeSantis visited a local restaurant in Punta Gorda, Florida to assist in providing meals to those with minimal access to food and electricity because of the storm. 

DeSantis was given the particular task of scooping the chain's renowned hash browns onto plates, but the outcome wasn't just pleasing diners and helping offset the stress of the natural disaster. The governor's community service efforts also resulted in a hilarious video that gained traction on Twitter.

Ron DeSantis shrugs off help from a chef

After Waffle House, which rarely closes its restaurants, temporarily shut down many of its locations, they were widely credited with showing the severity of Hurricane Ian's impact on the state of Florida (via CBS News). A short time later, Ron DeSantis visited a Waffle House in Punta Gorda, a city of 20,000 people that was especially ravaged by the storms (via The Tallahassee Democrat), and many expressed appreciation for him offering to help staff. 

One commenter in a video shared on Twitter wrote, "We love you RDD!" However, some other people noticed that the governor was not wearing gloves in the clip, which they pointed out on the tweet. "Chef has gloves on DeSantis does not — hope he washed his hands," wrote another user. In the video, the governor shrugs off the help of the chef mentioned, who tries to provide instruction on how to flip the hash browns, saying, "Yeah, yeah, yeah, that's what I was doing," before proceeding to prepare the chain's famous dish.