Here's The Secret To Making Waffle House Hash Browns At Home

There's something special that happens inside the questionably clean Waffle House kitchens. Whether it's the grease from the last order or just the technique they use, the chain's hash browns are undeniably better than any you can make at home. But now, there's a way to replicate these deliciously greasy breakfast potatoes right in your own kitchen. 

My Recipes turns to both butter and canola oil to make copycat Waffle House hash browns. The classic toppings like diced ham and American cheese are right on track, but using frozen hash browns isn't the perfect place to start since the chain uses dehydrated potatoes. One of the best tips for making this breakfast favorite at home is to use clarified butter instead of oil or regular butter. It has a higher smoke point, so the hash browns can cook at a higher temperature without burning (via The Kitchn).

The key to cooking hash browns like Waffle House

There's one more very important tip for getting hash browns just right like Waffle House does, and it comes down to a lot of surface space. To get all those deliciously crunchy bits, you need to use a griddle so you have enough of a wide cooking surface. It's also really important to have a wide, thin spatula for pressing down the hash browns. This will also help you flip more of the potatoes, according to The Kitchn.

If you follow these tips, you'll have some Waffle House-worthy hash browns ready to go for breakfast any day of the week. Enjoy the crispy, crunchy bites and the softer middle — we're pretty sure you won't be upset you took a chance on cooking hash browns this way. The hardest part is just deciding on what toppings you want to add.