Cinnabon Is Celebrating National Cinnamon Roll Day In A Big Way

More than half of American consumers prefer to do their shopping online rather than in person, according to Raydiant's 2022 State of Consumer Behavior report. However, there's at least one advantage to venturing out to an actual mall that just can't be replicated in the virtual shopping experience — and if you're someone who considered themselves a mall rat in their youth or still do, you probably know what we're getting at here. While turning to the internet for a closet refresh is quick and convenient, it leaves no opportunity to indulge in some classic mall food, like one of Cinnabon's massive cinnamon rolls. The iconic baked good has been a staple of food court fare ever since the very first Cinnabon opened at Seattle's SeaTac Mall in 1985. Given that most of the eatery's outlets are still located exclusively in malls (and airports), it's hard to resist ordering one once their sweet aroma hits your nose.

It's important to keep in mind that there are a ridiculous amount of calories in one Cinnabon cinnamon roll, so eating one every single day may not be the best idea. However, rumor has it that calories don't count on holidays, and it just so happens that we have one just on the horizon. That's right, Tuesday, October 4 is National Cinnamon Roll Day (per National Today), and as you can probably imagine, Cinnabon is celebrating in a big, big way.

Get two Cinnabon treats for the price of one on National Cinnamon Roll Day

As if it wasn't already a sign of fate that National Taco Day falls on a Taco Tuesday this year, the food holiday also coincides with National Cinnamon Roll Day. Both beloved foods will be celebrated tomorrow (via National Today), and if you happen to be looking for a sweet treat to follow up your meal of tacos, Cinnabon's got you covered with a special buy one, get one free promotion (per PR Newswire).

The deal will be available from October 4 through October 7 to members of Cinnabon's Rewards program and can be used toward Classic Rolls, MiniBons, BonBites, and center of the Rolls. To partake, rewards members simply need to log into their account on the Cinnabon mobile app and use the code "ROLL22" at checkout. They will be able to either mix-and-match the aforementioned treats or order two of the same thing, with one of them coming at no charge. Additionally, Cinnabon will also be waiving the delivery fee for any orders of $15 or more that are placed via its website and its app (via PR Newswire).

Those who have not yet joined Cinnabon's rewards program still have time to do so before National Cinnamon Roll Day tomorrow on the brand's website. However, if you want to skip the paperwork, it may be faster to pick up one of Cinnabon's new ready-to-bake desserts at Walmart instead.