Tim Hortons' Bucket Of Timbits Is Back For Halloween

People do not mess around when it comes to coffee, which is probably why the world's first Tim Hortons location opened in Ontario in 1964 to great fanfare, according to the company site. The coffee and donut purveyor has since seen a lot of growth, and although it's particularly dominant in its native Canada, it has spread to 12 U.S. states, with a particular presence in Michigan (205 stores), New York (248), and Ohio (135). Very well known for its java, the brand's donuts and "Timbits," which are basically just donut holes with a more entertaining name, are also beloved menu staples.

Now, Tim Hortons is getting into the spirit of Halloween with a fun (and useful!) promotional deal. Considering that October is here and the weather is turning cooler, themed promos are starting to pop up all over the place. In 2021, Chipotle gave away 500,000 "Booritos" in time for Halloween, in recognition of the chain's 20th anniversary, per a press release. Burger King is continuing its Halloween-themed Whopper trend, this year reportedly with the Ghost Pepper Whopper, which will feature orange buns, per fast food industry news Instagrammer Markie_Devo. Undoubtedly, more Halloween-centric offerings will continue to trickle into the public consciousness in the coming weeks, although few will be as sweet as the one Tim Hortons is putting out.

Here's what to expect from the Tim Hortons Halloween deal

From now through October 31, Tim Hortons locations are selling a sturdy, branded trick-or-treat bucket that also comes filled up with 31 Timbits for the price of $9.99. People only interested in the bucket can purchase them on their own for $3.99. Or, customers with a taste for Timbits can refill their buckets anytime this month for only $5, per QSR Magazine.

The brand has posted news of the bucket on social media. On the company's Facebook page, one posting cheekily reads, "Better tibia safe than sorry and grab yours before they're gone!" As it turns out, this was a pretty serious warning because many Facebook commenters report that local locations sold out of the buckets in a scary hurry. Some users even say that their stores don't know anything about the promotion, to which the brand responded, "Product availability can vary from location to location. We suggest reaching out to your local restaurant directly for further information." So as it turns out, the promotion is a treat for those who can get it, but something of a trick for everyone else. Boo!