Burger King's Halloween Whopper Has An Unexpected Ingredient

Coffee chains have a reputation for keeping their menus at par with the changing seasons but burger chains, not so much. While pumpkin spice in a coffee sounds great, it wouldn't exactly have a huge following in a burger, would it? So when it comes to holiday seasons, burger chains generally remain unaffected. That is, unless it's Burger King and Halloween.

Those who've been loyal patrons of Burger King for years will know that Halloween is when the chain's burgers really shine. 2018 saw the launch of the Nightmare King with its green-colored sesame seed bun — a burger that the chain claimed actually increased the chances of having vivid nightmares at night (via Businesswire). Then, there were the gigantic Franken Whoppers last year and the Halloween Whopper in 2015 which err ... had unexpected side effects on everyone's gastrointestinal welfare.

It's another year, another Halloween, and it's time for another spooky Burger King Whopper. According to Instagram account @markie_devo, which has a surprisingly accurate track record of leaking fast food chain menus, Burger King is ready for Halloween. And if reports are to be believed, this year's Halloween Whopper is a whole lot spicier!

Halloween at Burger King just got spicier

Forget the ghoulish black and green-colored buns because if @markie_devo's reports are to be believed, Burger King has a brand new hue for its burger buns — orange. The chain's Halloween burger for the year features a Whopper burger patty, bacon, crispy jalapeños, and spicy queso all sandwiched between two orange-tinted Whopper buns. But the Halloween Whopper also has one unexpected ingredient inside: ghost pepper. Complementing the burger will also be slices of ghost pepper cheese.

Appropriately named the Ghost Pepper Whopper, Burger King's Halloween Whopper is speculated to launch starting October 10 and may be available all across the country after October 13. Following a rough start with its Whopper Melts sandwiches this year, customers appear to be hopeful about the seasonally appropriate burger.

One fan confessed that it looked like they were "going to go through at least a dozen of these" whereas others think that if Burger King's ghost pepper nuggets from last year were any indication, the Ghost Pepper Whopper could very well be the chain's best Halloween Whopper to date. Regardless of how they really turn out and depending on whether Burger King does launch the Ghost Pepper Whopper as rumors say, a comment points out that one thing is certain: "There will be a blowout after eating this for sure." Yikes.