The Latest TikTok Coffee Trend Has Shambles Written All Over It

There are TikTok food hacks that are total game changers and then there are some that may make for great video, but who in the french toast is going to want to eat that? For example, corn ribs ... game changer; pasta served straight off a countertop, pass thanks (per Paste). TikTok has gifted us more than just rapper Lil Nas X, it's started countless food trends in the past few years. Even if you're not a fan of the viral video-sharing site, you've probably heard of a green goddess salad. Yup, that's a TikTok food trend. This delicious blend of cabbage, cucumbers, chives, and green onions counts rapper and flautist Lizzo among its many fans and even made its way onto traditional media with an appearance on the Today show following its TikTok fame.

We've also seen some great beverages come and go in those in super short video clips, perhaps most notably South Korean dalgona coffee, a remarkable whipped coffee drink made using instant coffee (via Food Network). Now there's a new trending coffee on TikTok, and while it may not be as photogenic as its frothy predecessor, this newest iteration certainly looks delicious.

The knockoff version of Starbucks in your home coffee pot

The latest TikTok coffee craze is an at-home Starbucks dupe that creates a caramel macchiato in your coffee maker — or so claims proponent @thecoreyb. This supposedly surprisingly good recipe calls for drizzling the glass pot generously with caramel syrup before filling the top with ground coffee (naturally), more caramel syrup (not so naturally), and pouring a whole bottle of coffee creamer directly into the water tank (huh???) and running the machine. The mixture makes a mid-colored, creamy brew that's not as super sweet as its sugar count would lead you to believe. This coffee treat, originally posted by sleight-of-hand celeb Anna Rothfuss, gets the seal of approval from TikToker Corey B's wife, who's shown enjoying (and sort of questioning the origins of) the drink at the end of the video.

The major caveat with this latest trend seems to be how to get the sticky sweet mess out of your coffee filter after, with the subject dominating the comments on the video. One TikToker suggests vinegar and water, another suggests running a water-only cycle six times, and several suggest just getting rid of your coffee maker after. Rather an extreme choice. But some warn that creamer can clog the water system, so keep that in mind and have a clean-up strategy in mind if you try this one at home.