The Elf On The Shelf Cereal Is Back With A Totally Unique Twist

When preparing for a house guest, it's a good idea to request a list of your visitor's favorite food and drinks, according to Gentleman's Gazette. However, if your guest happens to be a Scout Elf, a list of preferred snacks is readily available at Elf on the Shelf's website. Apparently, Scout Elves are quite the epicureans, enjoying everything from "candy, pies and cakes galore" to "sweets, snacks and more!" 

While it may be a little early for your Elf on the Shelf to begin making a nightly pilgrimage from the North Pole, it is time for Kellogg's The Elf on the Shelf products to make their annual return to store shelves. According to a press release, a new Christmas cereal is comin' to town. For cereal lovers who are not even ready to think about anything Santa-related, on the other hand, there is still a more spooky cereal option available from the brand.

According to the announcement, Kellogg's new flavor, The Elf on the Shelf North Pole Snow Creme Cereal, is made with "frosted star pieces and mini marshmallows" and has a vanilla-like flavor. But, Kellogg's has a little holiday "magic" up its sleeve with this latest cereal creation, and there's something especially cool about The Elf on the Shelf North Pole Snow Creme Cereal.

The new cereal is cooler than you think

Though taking "a bite out of a fresh made snowball," may sound like a situation you wouldn't want to find yourself in, it's exactly how Kellogg's describes the experience of tasting its newest cereal (per PR Newswire). Apparently, The Elf on the Shelf North Pole Snow Creme Cereal contains a "slow-release" ingredient designed to "cool your mouth," just like sinking your teeth into a snowball. You can get your hands on the cereal exclusively at Walmart stores. 

When one Instagram user posted about the North Pole Snow Creme flavor, followers responded with their thoughts on the cereal and its cooling properties. One person chimed in with, "Want to try this! I'm curious about that "cooling technology" while another person stated an observation, "Doesn't the milk kinda already 'Cool your mouth' though." Perhaps not surprisingly, it would appear that at least one mind is already made up about how North Pole Snow Creme cereal will taste. One follower wrote, "This is gonna be so bad and yet I know imma still try it lol."

Tasty or not, the cereal can make for a convenient prop. For anyone who needs a little Elf on the Shelf staging inspo, Kellogg's has posted some ideas featuring the previously released Hot Cocoa Cereal and Sugar Cookie Cereal already in the brand's Elf on the Shelf cereal lineup. Perhaps your Scout Elf will end up in a snowball fight this year with this latest cereal creation.