The #1 Best Way To Score Free Treats From Duff Goldman's Cake Shop

Getting free stuff requires artistry, skill, knowledge, research, and instinct. If you were to waltz into the nearest store and simply demand items, you'd be summarily shuffled out into the street. Try to merely take it, and you might be spending a little time at the gray bar hotel. If you're looking to land some cost-effective merchandise, you've got to get cozy with your inner Jafar and be cunning.

Actually, there's little plotting or scheming you need to do. Many places will give things away for free as a promotion to get people in the store. The Atlantic did an in-depth study of the psychology behind free samples, and found that giving people something for free can boost sales. Think of how many people graze on the free samples at Costco. Consider when Wendy's offered free fries for a year. Even the tweet about the giveaway went viral.

Following in these giant footsteps, Duff Goldman, star of "Ace of Cakes" and owner of Charm City Cakes, tweeted out a simple way that you can get something for free just by looking around his shop.

In Baltimore, buffalo hunting could yield cupcakes and cookies

"Come on down to the Baltimore cake shop to play Find Carl!" said Goldman via Twitter. It turns out that "Find Carl" is a game aimed at children that involves hunting around in Goldman's store, Charm City Cakes. "This little fondant buffalo," says the tweet, "hides in our retail area and if someone finds the buffalo, they get a free cupcake or cookie!"

Those seeking to compete in the contest will need to plan a trip to Baltimore. Even if you're not interested in tiny buffalo hunting, you may find the interesting selection of cakes worthy of perusing. Goldman has gone far beyond mere shaped cakes or baroque wedding cakes that tower to the rafters. His shop offers a selection of cake jars that are reminiscent of the English trifle, as well as some baked goods with frosting aesthetics worthy of an art gallery or a hot rod paint job (via Charm City Cakes).

It's entirely unclear from the tweet why Carl the buffalo was chosen as the playful trophy since cakes and buffalos have little to do with one another, but it would be an interesting mascot for the baker.