Here's How To Win Free Wendy's Fries For A Year

The Wendy's Twitter account is at it again, and we're loving it — sorry, McDonald's. If you're unfamiliar with the activity on the fast food chain's social media accounts, let us bring you up to speed. Though Wendy's may be known for its burgers, fries, and famous Frosty, it has also built a reputation on its ability to not only start, but also hold a conversation on the platform that Elon Musk almost bought for $44 billion, per CNBC. In fact, The Washington Post notes that while the Wendy's mascot adorned with pigtails and bows "may look sweet," on Twitter she turns into a "mean girl" that would make Regina George proud. The chain is always playfully roasting other brands, like Burger King and its loyal followers, in a hilarious manner. 

Wendy's has so much swagger on Twitter, in fact, that it inspired one of the most retweeted tweets on the platform and even birthed a made-up holiday on social media called National Roast Day, celebrated annually in the winter. Now the burger brand is taking command of the Twitterverse once again with a french fry proposal contest, which just might have you humming along to Queen Bey's "Single Ladies." Of course, you will be judged by your internet peers, but you could also wind up with free Wendy's fries for a year. Here's what you need to know. 

The fry proposal winner will be selected on August 4

The "Where's the beef?" quick service restaurant's Twitter account just challenged its patrons: "If you love us so much, put a [ring emoji] on it baybeee," asking them to tweet their best "fry proposal" to win free fries at the chain for one year. Of course, the proposals started rolling in almost immediately. One fan wrote, "Would you be my Fry baby for life?" to which Wendy's replied, "I'm a Fry woman, bestie. I'll think about it tho." Still another went with a simpler ask, typing, "Will you marry me Wendy?" The account seemed to like this one, responding with, "To the point. Hot."

So, how can you get in on the competition? Per the Wendy's website, your proposal must cap off at 230 characters, you have to follow Wendy's, and your Twitter account must be public in order to participate. The best proposals will be evaluated on August 4, when judges will be looking for "creativity, humor, and level of effort." The top eight tweets will become finalists that the rest of the social media platform will vote on to determine the winner of year-long free fries. Better get that ring polish out.