What Is A Trifle And How Do You Make It?

If you've binged The Great British Baking Show, there's a good chance you've seen Paul Hollywood slice into an exemplary (or a rubbish) take on the trifle, an unforgettably mouthwatering cake decked out in layers. Taste of Home states that the traditional version of this dessert, which originated in England centuries ago, usually consists of three to four layers made with fruit, alcohol-soaked sponge cake, and custard

While the classic dessert looks like it requires a lot of time and effort to prepare, interpretations of the treat have evolved over the years. American trifles, for example, are similar to the English version, but less complicated and with a wider variety of flavors and textures to experiment with. What's more, Epicurious says if you were tragically unsuccessful at baking a beautiful cake (but it is still edible), you can pretty easily turn your failure into an American-style trifle by breaking the treat up into smaller pieces and layering its salvageable ingredients – so if you're prone to making a mess, this might be the dessert recipe for you.

How to whip up a trifle

To make your "perfect" (or close to it) trifle, you must first pick out your ingredients and glassware. Easy ingredients like devil's food cake mix and English toffee bites are perfect for Taste of Home's caramel chocolate trifle, or pick up some fresh fruit and an angel food cake to get started on the fruit trifle of your dreams. The ingredients are quite simple so the dessert doesn't require a scroll-like list to bust out at the grocery store.

Moving on to the container, Taste of Home states that you really just need to find a tall and deep enough bowl to fit all your layers. As a guide, you should start out with a sturdy base (like ladyfingers or sponge cake), a creamy layer, and then a layer with your fruit, chocolate, or any other ingredients you desire. Repeat this pattern until the trifle dish is full and top off with a whipped topping. Congrats! Now you're ready for your reality TV debut.