The Beverages You Can Only Find At A Costco Business Center

Costco isn't just a hub for all your wholesale needs — it also has its own business center. Equipped with snacks, cleaning supplies, and office goods, it is a one-stop-shop for many entrepreneurs and business owners (via QuerySprout).

As of August 2022, there were only 23 Costco Business Centers across the United States, as they were introduced later in the company's history, according to Business Insider. Though the corporation had been around since 1976, one of its business centers opened in Hawthorne, California in 2009 in order to, "cater to businesses by offering products for their specific needs," according to a company statement.

With that, there are some items that are business center exclusives, 70% of which cannot be found in regular Costco Wholesale supermarkets. These include 40-pound bags of potatoes, 20-pound packages of spaghetti noodles, and five-pound bundles of pepper (via Business Insider). But along with food items, there are some beverages that are only available at a Costco Business Centers.

Costco Business Centers have mass amounts of Jarritos and Yoo-hoo

As mentioned before, Costco Business Centers differ from the regular versions of the store. For example, they are much smaller in build, and don't feature traditional amenities, such as a gas station or liquor store.

In reference to the latter point, although Costco's famous Kirkland label wines and spirits might not be available at business centers, there still is a variety of other drinks to choose from. These include, "different brands of water, soft drinks, juice, sports and energy drinks," according to the company's website. And because these business centers are tailored toward businesses who might need to pick up more supplies, they come in a larger selection of sizes and quantities. Some examples include bulk amounts of Jarritos and 24-packs of Yoo-hoo chocolate drinks (via Business Insider) — and whatever office has that much chocolate milk on hand definitely sounds like a great place to work!