TikTok Feels Heard By Whole Foods' Single-Portion Pies

"As American as apple pie" wouldn't be the expression it is today if immigrants hadn't brought the food of their native lands to the New World centuries ago, per Babbel. While English settlers brought meat pies to the early colonies, European immigrants first introduced apples to America, a crop they got from Asia. Pie was a dinner dish for decades until the sugar industry boomed in the 1800s, making way for the modern-day dessert pies we know today to become an American staple.

While apple pie is still "the most popular pie flavor in the United States," according to data by Instacart, each part of the country has their own favorite. Eleven states in the Midwest prefer the tart-sweet flavor of cherry pie, while New Englanders love blueberry pie bursting with Maine's native berry. Key lime pie unsurprisingly takes the cake in Florida, and Georgia is the only state where sweet potato pie holds the number-one ranking. 

While the upcoming holidays are an excellent excuse to sample each of the country's regional favorites, the average nine-inch pie should serve six to eight, making it too big for most empty-nesters and single Millennials to finish on their own. Thanks to Whole Foods, these pie lovers can now satisfy a craving on any Wednesday night.

Social media has jokes about Whole Foods' half pies

While 87% of pies are sold between Thanksgiving and Christmas in the U.S., per Premise, pie lovers agree that any time is a good time for pie — which is presumably why TikToker @thasklassy posted a video inside a Los Angeles Whole Foods expressing his gratitude for the retailer's half pies. Feeling heard by the chain, Matt jokingly picks up a half apple pie and credits Whole Foods for "knowing its demographic" of "single, depressed emotional eaters." 

Purchasing pie is undoubtedly an effortless way to treat yourself, but with a few ingredients and an hour of your time, there are homemade options for single-serving pies that will make your home smell amazing. Mini apple pies can be made in muffin tins using store-bought pie crust. The fruit can be swapped out for whatever is in season, making this an appealing option all year long. Hand pies are another option for a more rustic pie, while leftover pie from a gathering can be crushed up and used as a layer in parfaits with ice cream or yogurt.

According to Whole Foods Market, half pies are three servings (or a pie for one for Matt). Currently, the chain is selling apple, key lime, chocolate cream, cherry, and blueberry half pies, but options vary by location, so check the store before promising your stomach some pie. If you have any leftovers, remember to freeze your pie for dessert on another day.