Wendy's Teased A Purple Frosty And Twitter Wants In

Fast food chain Wendy's is known for its reliable burgers and fries, but it's also been known to try out some pretty wild menu items over the years. From its collab with Pringles on spicy chicken-flavored potato crisps to its limited-edition themed combo meals based on the animated series "Rick and Morty," Wendy's has shown that it's always up for something new and unexpected.

The same goes for the chain's beloved Frosty treat. Wendy's once joined forces with Kellogg's to create a limited-edition Frosty cereal. It also even tested out new and unique Frosty flavors in a few specific markets, featuring Frostys as a sundae-like base for marshmallows and other toppings. And, notoriously, Wendy's relaunched its fan-favorite Strawberry Frosty earlier this summer — but only for a limited time. Now, it looks like Wendy's fans in the U.S. might soon get to see a brand-new color of its iconic Frosty dessert.

Purple and nerdy: A perfect combination

At TwitchCon 2022, Wendy's gave out purple Frostys topped with colorful Nerds candy to lucky attendees of the live-streaming meet-up in San Diego (via Twitter). The purple Frosty — which was only available for the three-day convention — quickly caught the attention of social media users, with many expressing their desire to get their hands on the colorful treat. "That looks yummyyyyyy," wrote one Wendy's fan. "Yummers," said another.

Perhaps most intriguing, though, was Wendys' response to a user asking how they could snag a purple Frosty aside from being at TwitchCon. Ever-aloof, the chain simply responded, "Just testing it today but you never know." Does that mean we could see a purple Frosty on the Wendy's menu in the near future? While there's no word yet on whether or not the purple Frosty will be available at Wendy's restaurants, many seem to hope that this isn't the last they've seen of the pretty treat!