Hell's Kitchen Contestant Alex Belew's 'Perfect' Salmon Is Turning Heads

If you follow reality TV and cooking shows closely, you'll know that Season 21 of "Hell's Kitchen" started releasing episodes in September. The latest show in the show is the "Battle of the Ages," and chefs have been divided into two groups: contestants in their 40s and contestants in their 20s. Being part of "Hell's Kitchen" is already changing lives for Season 21 contestants, and the audience is also learning a dish or two to cook at home. Chef Alex Belew's salmon dish from Episode 1 is getting some attention online, and he's posted a video of himself cooking the dish on his YouTube channel.

As part of the competition, chefs were challenged to make a signature dish and Belew whipped up a spice-crusted salmon with Carolina rice. The dish was also accompanied by maple roasted carrots and a chorizo broth. If your mouth is watering, you're not the only one. Belew's signature dish earned high praise from Gordon Ramsay himself.

Gordon Ramsay gave Belew's salmon a perfect rating

On "Hell's Kitchen," each contestant's dish is judged by Chef Gordon Ramsay, and he evaluates each dish on a scale from one to five. Ramsay gave contestant Alex Belew's signature dish a perfect score out of five. According to Rutherford Source, Ramsay showered Belew's spice-crusted salmon with praise: "It's cooked beautifully, it's pink, it's vibrant. Got that right balance of acidity. I love the balance of the starch. That's a very strong five, good job."

Ramsay wasn't the only person impressed by Belew's salmon dish. In the comments section of his YouTube video, people had lots of positive feedback for him. One person commented, "I learned so much here! Usually I am intimidated by cooking videos since I am a novice. I think I can do this!" Belew does break down each part of the dish step-by-step and gives thorough instructions, but it does take some time and a few kitchen tools to grind up the spices and roast peppers. For busy weeknights, try this one-pot salmon and rice recipe.

Want a taste of "Hell's Kitchen" for yourself? Ramsay owns a restaurant in Las Vegas, Nevada where you can eat some of the show's signature dishes. If you need a recommendation, Reddit is wowed by Hell's Kitchen's beef wellington.