Cheetos Fans Need To Know About This Massive Statue

While snack brands like Keebler are partnering with Nintendo to garner attraction from customers, PepsiCo Canada has opted to make noise with some clever marketing bringing attention to its famous Cheetos.

A hallmark of the Cheetos experience is the tasty cheesy dust that coats your fingers while eating them. And while this is common knowledge, this finger-licking cheesy goodness never had an official name until now (via Cision). The term assigned to the orange powder stuck to your fingers? Cheetle. Giving credit where it is due, it should be noted that the term was first used by comedian Rich Hall about 40 years ago but was spelled "Cheedle." Instead of shying away from this fact, the company has chosen to include it in its marketing materials, which include pictures on Twitter of Chester Cheetah with Cheetle fingers. Further evidence of Cheeto dust's cultural relevance was its feature on "The Ellen Show," when Ellen Degeneres discussed innovative ways to eat the chips to avoid Cheetle.

To show off its 2022 Cheetle pride, Cheetos has unveiled a new monument in the province of Alberta, Canada, in the aptly named hamlet of Cheadle.

A Cheeto Puff rises toward the sky

As the age-old saying says, "Go big or go home." And with the unveiling of a brand-new monument, Cheetos appears to have applied this phrase in the most literal way imaginable. What better way to portray the cheesy powdered fingertips syndrome known as Cheetle than with a 17-foot tall statue of orange-tipped fingers reaching up from the earth and holding a giant Cheeto Puff? According to a PepsiCo press release, the Cheetle Hand Statue will rest in Cheadle, Canada, until November 4. 

If the thought of a food brand having a statue seems odd, Cheetos is not the only brand to do it. Frozen vegetable juggernaut Green Giant's mascot, Jolly Green Giant, has its own statue in Blue Earth, Minnesota. Even KFC has a Big Chicken statue outside of a location in Marietta, Georgia.

PepsiCo encourages all who visit the Cheetle Hand Statue to post pictures using the hashtags #CheetleinCheadle and #ItsaCheetosThing and tagging @cheetoscanada on Instagram. Word-of-mouth news about the statue has brought fans from near and far to check it out in person. If you do the same, it's important to remember that no matter how tasty the cheese dust looks, don't lick the fingers.