Redditors Are Disturbed By This Taco Bell Quesadilla Order

When it comes to crying foul against brands that don't live up to their hype, there are few places better than Reddit. A quick search of almost any business on the Reddit platform will yield the good, the bad, and the unpalatable for anyone curious enough to do the research.

Wendy's has previously been hit with a cold dose of reality when one Reddit thread showed a bacon burger nightmare in which there were no toppings. There was also no bacon. In addition, there wasn't even a burger. In fact, it was a plain bun with some onions.

When people weren't using the social media site to go after Dave's daughter, they were taking Chick-fil-A to task. Instead of a single incident, this was a nationwide complaint against the chicken restaurant. Customers claimed that the nuggets were "tough" and had so little breading that diners could "see the actual chicken." Demands were made that Chick-fil-A add breading and use proper, tender meat.

Naturally, Taco Bell has fallen under the all-seeing eye of internet commenters many a time. One of the best was a Reddit AMA in which a person claiming to be a former Taco Bell employee offered up every secret they knew about the place. During that lengthy discussion, the poster actually made the tex-mex joint seem pretty decent. Such is not the case for another person, who is disgusted with their quesadilla order, and showing everyone why.

North Carolina Taco Bell has an entry for nastiest quesadilla picture, ever

Clayton, in North Carolina, doesn't make a ton of headlines. A quick search for the news from Clayton shows several articles that address oil leaks and kerosene problems around the little town.

Considering City-Data puts the population at a bit under 25,000, it's not a surprise that Clayton isn't a hotbed of activity. Unfortunately, it seems that there's a new black mark against the wee hamlet, as a Reddit poster is trashing the quesadilla from the Taco Bell of Clayton.

The image they put up showed a poor attempt at a quesadilla. The cheese is minimal, not oozing out the sides as one would expect from seeing pictures of the item on the menu. There's some scattered meat, but the whole effect is mildly pathetic. "My toddler has made Play-Doh quesadillas that look more appetizing than that," offered the top-rated commenter, who we can assume does not have a child that sculpts Play-Doh masterpieces.

In addition to looking ragged, the poster said the taste was disappointing as well. When asked how the flavor was, they replied, "Horrible, their beans taste months old."