The Chick-Fil-A Nuggets That Are Leaving Reddit Unsatisfied

When it comes to satisfaction, few fast food chains can claim as high of a rating as Chick-fil-A —just ask the American Consumer Satisfaction Index. The home of the original chicken sandwich has amassed millions of fans across the country by focusing on a customer-centric experience centered around quality food (via Daniel Brian). Aside from top-tier customer service, the chain is known for menu staples like chicken strips, waffle fries, original recipe chicken sandwiches, and chicken nuggets. The latter is available as part of the restaurant's kid's meal, its regular combo meal, and as part of its chicken-minis breakfast entree.

Though these nuggets have many spots on the Chick-fil-A menu, fans on Reddit have found the taste and quality of the popular item to be inconsistent, particularly when it comes to that crunchy fried exterior. "[M]ost of the time my nuggets are tough and have little as possible breading to the point you can see the actual chicken," one post read. This poster asked the Reddit community if there was a way to request more breading on the nuggets when ordering them, which sparked many engaging responses.

The perfect nugget

In a recent Reddit thread, fans of Chick-fil-A chicken nuggets discussed whether or not it was possible to ask for more breading when ordering the nuggets since they felt the breading at their local spot was insufficient. The thread sparked quite the discussion, with many agreeing with the premise of the question and others providing answers.

In a direct response to the proposed question, one user explained why the breading is so thin sometimes. "This goes to whomever is on breading. It looks like whoever breaded these likely didn't put enough milk wash on the nuggets or didn't put any on it at all," they explain. "Oil only dictates the color of the nugget rather than the shape," they add, noting that "the milk wash keeps the coating on the nuggets long enough for them to cook properly through the process of stirring and frying. Trust me, I know this because if you've ever breaded as I have, if you put too much milk wash, you'll get monster nuggets."

Another Redditor advised that it is unlikely for Chick-fil-A to say yes to a request for more breading: "They're not gonna make them to order at a busy store because it will tie up a whole fryer for one guest." While this may not have been the answer the original poster was looking for, the comments weren't all discouraging. One user responded with an alternative, stating, "That's why tenders >>Or just buy a filet and chop it up."