The Sweet Way Crumbl Cookies Is Supporting Breast Cancer Awareness

Breast Cancer Awareness Month takes place throughout October and celebrates those who have survived breast cancer, those who are still fighting it, and those we have lost to it. It's important to take a second and think of those who are affected by this cancer, and try to help and honor in any way we can. This October, many businesses like Cuisinart and Nutribullet have decided to honor Breast Cancer Awareness Month by selling certain pink products, and donating a certain percentage of profits to cancer research and sharing stories of those affected by breast cancer (via USA Today).

It's great to have companies and restaurants take notice of something that impacts so many people, friends and family. Breast cancer is the most common cancer for women in the United States (except for skin cancers), accounting for 30% of female cancers each year (via American Cancer Society). It makes sense why it has a month to show support and raise money from all types of people and companies. This year, Crumbl Cookies will once again be joining the pack and recognizing Breast Cancer Awareness Month with a sweet gesture.

Pink cookies for breast cancer

For the second year in a row, Crumbl Cookies is honoring Breast Cancer Awareness Month with a week of selling some of their most popular cookies in all pink. According to Cumbl's Twitter, the pink cookie flavors are pink velvet cake, raspberry lemonade, pink donut, cake batter blondie, classic pink sugar, and milk chocolate chip. The six cookies will be on the menu from October 10 to October 15 to honor everyone impacted by breast cancer.

Crumbl Cookies co-founder, Sawyer Hemsley, shared some words on Instagram about the cookies this year, writing that this year was more personal than years past since his grandma passed away this year after fighting breast cancer for 25 years. "Grandma Gail was one of Crumbl's biggest fans from day one. She shared her passion of baking with me & always believed in my ability to make the world a sweeter place. This week's lineup is in honor of her, as well as you and your loved ones who have battled the disease," the post said.

Last year, Crumbl Cookies donated $25,000 to Know Your Lemons Foundation to kick off their fundraiser "Be a smart cookie, Know Your Lemons," which invited customers to donate $1 to the foundation during the first week of October (via QSR Magazine). There's no mention of a similar campaign happening this year, but in an Instagram Reel, Hemsley pledged to personally donate to the organization.