Crumbl Cookies Is Re-Releasing A Classic Flavor With A Brand New Twist

Crumbl Cookies, an immensely popular cookie company, has locations throughout the United States where it sells a rotating selection of giant, decadent cookies. Fans enjoy several cookie flavors like milk chocolate chip, pumpkin chocolate chip, brownie batter, cookie butter lava, and peanut butter cookies and cream, all sold in Crumbl Cookies' signature pink boxes (via Crumbl Cookies' website).

Fans of cookie shop rave about its products, like one person on Instagram who raved about the company's cookie made with apple pie filling and topped with streusel, writing, "Oh man, this one caught me off guard of how AMAZING this was! SO GOOD." YouTuber Aria Connor regularly reviews Crumbl Cookies' weekly releases and said the sea salt toffee flavor reminded her of her favorite cookies from high school and loved the combination of saltiness and sweetness.

While there are fans of several of Crumbl Cookies' flavors, on the heels of an award-winning flavor returning, one discontinued flavor that is being re-released to the glee of many, but this time with a new twist.

Pink sugar cookies are back

Crumbl Cookies announced in an Instagram post today that it has re-released its one fan-favorite pink sugar cookie, consisting of a vanilla cookie topped with pink-colored almond frosting. The company is calling the pink sugar cookie "new and improved" based on a new recipe, noting the cookie will be on the weekly menu. Obviously, Crumbl Cookie fans are excited; as of this writing, the post has nearly 43,000 likes.

Fans shared their excitement for the return of Crumbl Cookies' pink sugar cookie. One person wrote, "The moment we have all been waiting for!" while another user added, "It's back on the weekly menu! Best news ever! THANK YOU! My favorite cookie you have!" For those wondering if this new recipe works, one person gave their stamp of approval: "The new recipe is literally perfect." But wait, there's more! Crumbl Cookies also shared that it will be releasing a surprise seventh mystery cookie one week per month. You can check out the Crumbl Cookies app to find out what flavor is being offered at your local store (per the company's website). Our taste buds can't wait!