30 Most Popular Crumbl Cookies Ranked Worst To Best

If you've been on the internet in basically any capacity since 2020, you've probably heard of Crumbl Cookies. The bakery has begun to take over the United States, with locations popping up seemingly everywhere and the chain's giant cookies being shown everywhere from TikTok to Instagram. And while Crumbl Cookie's success is certainly interesting, the amount of flavors that the establishment has rolled out since its start is even more astounding.

Crumbl releases new flavors each week, while also keeping their traditional frosted, chilled sugar cookie and warm chocolate chip cookie permanently on the menu. To see all of the other flavors Crumbl releases, simply follow them on social media. Every Sunday evening, Crumbl takes to its social media pages to announce what the flavors of the week will be.

The flavors always seem to get more and more indulgent as the weeks go by. But really, everything from Crumbl is pretty delicious. Still, from over 100 flavors, it might seem impossible to choose a favorite, but there are definitely some that are more popular than others. And among those, there are some that are simply better than their fellows. So, if you need help deciding what to order from Crumbl, keep reading for the most popular Crumbl cookies, ranked worst to best.

30. Dirt Cake

If there's one thing that Crumbl Cookies does well, it's taking non-cookie desserts and turning them into delicious cookies. Crumbl is very talented at creating new flavors of cookies that you've never heard of before, and some of them turn out better than others. Take, for instance, the Dirt Cake cookie.

The Dirt Cake cookie from Crumbl is their take on the classic childhood pudding dessert, and it's definitely a pretty close resemblance to what you may have downed at summer camp or while sitting at the kitchen table. The cookie is a chocolate cookie, topped with chocolate frosting, cookie crumbs, and a gummy worm of course. 

Obviously, it looks a lot like the dirt cake you had at your second-grade birthday party, but we must report that the taste isn't all there. The cookie is surely popular because of the nostalgia factor, but at the end of the day, it's just a chocolate cookie with a gummy worm on top. That's not anything super special, especially compared to all the other flavors Crumbl has on offer. So, this flavor might seem fun to try, but you should know that there are definitely more exciting options out there.

29. Key Lime Pie

Much like so many other flavors of Crumbl cookies, the Key Lime Pie cookie is obviously inspired by another dessert. In this case, it's obviously a Key lime pie. And while the cookie is certainly one of Crumbl's most popular flavors, that doesn't mean it's their best.

The Key Lime Pie cookie certainly sounds decadent when you start to consider it. The cookie has a graham cracker base, with Key lime filling in the middle. The cookie is then topped with whipped cream, a fresh lime, and some graham-cracker crumbs for good measure. Basically, it's a mini Key lime pie, which is absolutely fine. 

However, the main star of the cookie is the filling and not the cookie itself, undermining the whole concept of going to Crumbl for a cookie. Yes, people love it, but that's because of the Key lime pie filling, not the graham cracker cookie. And if you want one of their best cookies, this isn't it.

28. Rocky Road

One of the newer cookies from Crumbl, Rocky Road, is a bit of a letdown, honestly. For fans of the ice cream flavor, especially, the cookie tastes nothing like the ice cream, and if you go into it expecting that, you'll be pretty disappointed. 

This cookie is described by Crumbl as "a dark chocolate cookie stuffed with gooey marshmallow filling then covered in semi-sweet chocolate chips and almonds." Obviously, that sounds pretty delicious, but this cookie is sadly lacking. First of all, there isn't enough marshmallow filling to give you that same experience you get from rocky road ice cream, and it seems like they should have used mini marshmallows throughout the cookie instead of a filling. Additionally, the dark chocolate cookie base tastes great, but using semi-sweet chocolate chips causes the cookie to not be very sweet overall. However, the almonds are definitely the perfect addition and add great crunch and texture to the cookie. 

Overall, this is a great concept for a cookie, but it just isn't executed as well as it could have been.

27. Waffle

In terms of Crumbl cookies that look cool and tasty, the waffle cookie is definitely up there. Just look at those lines and the frosting that looks like a dollop of butter! But, looks definitely aren't as important as taste, and that's something this cookie is seriously lacking. 

According to Crumbl, the cookie is pretty simple. "It's a thick waffle cookie drizzled with rich maple syrup and topped with a dollop of sweet buttercream frosting," they explained on Instagram. However, aside from the great aesthetics of the cookie, it really doesn't have that much to offer. The flavor is okay, but it comes with a package of maple syrup and the tiniest bit of frosting, meaning that the cookie needs a lot of help to taste good. Additionally, the syrup makes it a sticky, logistical mess. Of course, if you're a big fan of waffles or maple flavor, this might be one of your favorite Crumbl cookies, but it's definitely far from the best one. 

26. Chilled Cookie and Cream Milkshake

Another thing that people tend to love about Crumbl Cookies is the variety of cookies that they offer, not just all the different flavors. Crumbl also serves their cookies at a couple of different temperatures, including a cold temperature that can sometimes make a big difference in the eating experience. Take the Chilled Cookie and Cream Milkshake cookie from Crumbl, which is best eaten chilled.

The Chilled Cookie and Cream Milkshake cookie is a sugar cookie with Oreo pieces, topped with cookies and cream frosting and then a mini chocolate sandwich cookie on top. The fact that the cookie is served chilled and topped with a thick layer of frosting definitely makes it stand out among all of Crumbl's flavors. That said, the actual cookies and cream flavor in the cookie isn't all that strong. The most overpowering sense you'll get is just that the cookie is a little too sweet, though we appreciate the temperature difference compared to other cookies.

25. Chilled Twix

The Chilled Twix Cookie is definitely a fan-favorite at Crumbl. There's really nothing wrong with this cookie, which is another chilled treat served up with caramel and milk chocolate. It really is like a Twix candy bar in cookie form. Of course, there are a few differences compared to its candy inspiration, some of which could be why this cookie isn't Crumbl's best.

If you don't eat this cookie right away, it might start to lose some integrity. Namely, the chocolate on top could melt, along with the caramel, making for a sticky mess. Also, the base of the cookie is a sugar cookie instead of shortbread, meaning that the experience is, surprisingly, a lot sweeter than eating the candy. While that might sound delicious to some, it might be too sweet for others' liking. Either way, the Chilled Twix cookie from Crumbl is tasty, but it's still not quite their best effort.

24. Peach Cobbler

Crumbl continuously develops new flavors for cookies, and while they're all extremely creative, they don't always turn out exactly the way you would imagine. Take, for instance, the chain's Peach Cobbler cookie. According to Crumbl, the Peach Cobbler cookie is "A cinnamon oatmeal cobbler cookie filled with sweet peaches, a crumbly cinnamon streusel topped with a sweet cream cheese glaze." 

Okay, that obviously sounds amazing, so where, exactly, does this cookie fall short? Well, the cookie definitely tastes indulgent, but it's not exactly like an actual peach cobbler. In fact, most of the cookies didn't have a ton of peaches in them, making them a bit of a disappointment if you were ordering them for, you know, some serious peach flavor. The cinnamon oatmeal cookie and topping overpower all the peach flavor and make the whole eating experience a bit messy, turning this cookie into one of Crumbl's less satisfying offerings.

23. Chocolate Strawberry Cheesecake

The Chocolate Strawberry Cheesecake cookie from Crumbl is certainly one of a kind, but does that mean it's one of the best flavors there? Not exactly. As it turns out, the Chocolate Strawberry Cheesecake cookie is more of a miniature cheesecake than an actual cookie. And as tempting as that sounds, it's still not the chain's best creation.

The base of this cookie is made with dark chocolate, then filled with a strawberry cheesecake filling and topped off with a chocolate drizzle. Basically, it's another cookie where the real star is the filling, not the actual cookie. Now, strawberry cream cheese is always going to be tasty for many folks, but this Crumbl cookie might be too indulgent for most people. Between the sweet chocolate base and the rich filling, there's a lot going on in the flavor and sugar department. Unless you've got a serious sweet tooth, you may want to order something else.

22. Neapolitan

Moving on up the ranks of the most popular Crumbl cookies is the Neapolitan cookie, an inventive creation from the cookie chain that takes on the classic flavors you may have already encountered in the ice cream cold case. While the Neapolitan flavor combination isn't anything new, Crumbl's take on it certainly is. It's definitely something that has gotten people's attention, too. But do looks and popularity make for the best cookie on the Crumbl menu?

First, it's worth noting that this menu item is actually two cookies, namely chocolate and vanilla with a rich dollop of strawberry frosting on top. And while there is something special and delicious about chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry coming together, this cookie is still pretty much middle ground for the bakery. While some people love the cookie and it is assuredly good, it just can't compete with some of the other Crumbl flavors.

21. Peppermint Oreo

While Crumbl's flavors vary throughout the year, the chain takes special measures to introduce holiday-inspired cookies when the fall and winter seasons roll around. So, if you're big into holiday and seasonal treats, then Crumbl probably has something for you, depending on the time of year. Maybe the Peppermint Oreo cookie would tempt you if you're feeling a cookie craving towards the end of the year.

The Peppermint Oreo cookie is simply a chocolate cookie topped with peppermint frosting and crushed candy canes. So, if you're a chocolate and peppermint lover, this cookie is perfect for you. There's plenty of rich chocolate flavor here, accented by the candy's peppermint bite. The only reason this cookie isn't closer to the top of the list is that the peppermint flavor isn't quite as strong as you may want. Still, it's a delicious holiday offering that you'll likely want to try as the winter holidays draw near.

20. Cereal Milk Sandwich ft. Pebbles Cereal

Cereal milk has been a huge trend ever since Christina Tosi added it to her Milk Bar menu, and Crumbl isn't above chasing trends, as this cereal milk sandwich cookie shows.

As Crumbl put it on Twitter, this cookie is actually not just one cookie. In fact, it's "Two chilled sugar cookies rolled in Fruity Pebbles Cereal, sandwiching a Fruity Pebbles cereal milk mousse." Basically, if you're a fan of Fruity Pebbles, then this cookie probably seems like a fever dream to you. However, if you're not a huge fan of the cereal, it might not excite you that much. And honestly, who could blame you? The cookie is basically a cereal-lovers dream, but it's also very sweet — almost overwhelmingly so — and hugeReally, all Crumbl cookies are big, but as this is a sandwich cookie, it takes the cake. Sure, this isn't Crumbl's worst cookie, but it's also not their best. And if you don't love Fruity Pebbles, then you might not want to waste your time with it. 

19. Lemon Bar

Lemon lovers, rejoice: One of Crumbl's new cookies that debuted in December 2021 was the Lemon Bar cookie. The Lemon Bar cookie hits all the right marks. The cookie is "a chilled lemon sugar base with a rich lemon bar topping and a dusting of powdered sugar," according to Crumbl. At this point on the list, every cookie is a winner, and this one is no exception. The topping is essentially a lemon curd, and if you've ever had lemon curd, then you know how absolutely delicious and rich it is. 

The only bad thing about this cookie is that it just might not be lemon-y enough. The base is a lemon sugar cookie, and the sugar cookie flavor might overpower the lemon just a tad. Again, it's definitely not a bad cookie and is in fact quite delicious, but if you're a fan of big, puckery lemon flavor, this might not fully deliver.

18. Strawberries N' Cream

When you look at most of the cookies Crumbl makes, they all seem to be pretty sugary, over-the-top, and very rich. But the Strawberries N' Cream Crumbl cookie isn't any of those things, making it one of the bakery's better cookies. And while this cookie isn't Crumbl's best, it's still delicious, and the addition of the fresh fruit on top really sets it apart from other cookies. 

This cookie is simple, light, and totally delicious. Basically, it's summer in a cookie and if you're a fan of strawberries or even strawberry shortcake, then you'll probably love this cookie. It's "a chilled vanilla cake cookie with fresh strawberries and a ring of whipped cream," according to Crumbl's Instagram, and it deserves a try if you haven't had it yet. The cookie is so sweet and tasty, and the notes of vanilla pair perfectly with the fresh strawberries and whipped cream. Additionally, the cream is delicious and tastes super homemade as well. So, if you want a cookie that's not too rich but still plenty indulgent, the Strawberries N' Cream cookie from Crumbl will totally hit the spot. 

17. Chocolate Crunch

Crumbl Cookies is known for thinking outside the (very pink) box when it comes to creating new cookies and flavors. And their chocolate Crunch cookie is both completely original and totally familiar. 

The Chocolate Crunch Crumbl cookie may not even technically count as a cookie, since it's not baked. As Crumbl described it, "It's a chilled and chewy crisp rice no-bake cookie with flavors of sweet caramel and creamy milk chocolate." Now, if you're thinking this cookie looks a little familiar, you'd be right. It's basically the Little Debbie Star Crunch cookie, but more homemade. Additionally, the Crumbl version has a lot more caramel flavor, and a bit of a thicker texture. So if you like the Little Debbie version of this cookie, you'll likely enjoy this one too. Of course, it's not your typical cookie, so if that's what you're after, this will only disappoint you. But if you want something a little different, and a little nostalgic, then this is worth a try. 

16. Pumpkin Pie

Another seasonal offering coming out of many Crumbl locations around November is the Pumpkin Pie cookie. The cookie was just about as close to actual pumpkin pie as you could expect while still getting a bit of that cookie experience in there.

And it really is like ordering a miniature pie. The Pumpkin Pie cookie from Crumbl is essentially a single serving of pumpkin pie in a vanilla cookie with a bit of whipped cream on top. So, if you're a big fan of both pumpkin and a good dose of pumpkin spice, then this cookie is for you. The filling is pretty darn delicious, and the cookie base gives the whole a lot more sweetness and flavor than your standard pumpkin pie. 

However, it's clear that the cookie isn't your standard cookie, which may disappoint some diners. And because the amount of filling in it can be inconsistent and a little messy to eat, it's still not Crumbl's standout offering.

15. Hot Chocolate

There's nothing quite like a nice, big mug of hot chocolate once the temperature starts to drop. But if you aren't in the mood to make the drink, then Crumbl has got you covered with their Hot Chocolate cookie, and it's definitely one of the better offerings on the menu.

People definitely love this chocolate cookie with melted chocolate and mini marshmallows, and for good reason. The cookie might be a seasonal item inspired by hot chocolate, but it's also the cookie chain's most indulgent chocolate cookie on its menu. Even if you aren't a fan of hot chocolate, don't rule this cookie out because it's pretty delicious, especially because it's served warm. The cookie alone is pretty tasty but, when you add in the melted chocolate on top and the miniature marshmallows, it turns into an even more delicious treat. This one is a must-try for chocolate lovers.

14. Midnight Mint

Next on the list is the Midnight Mint cookie from Crumbl. Beware, though, if you aren't a fan of chocolate or mint — or the two together — this will definitely not be your favorite. 

This cookie is also pretty simple but still manages to pack in a lot of flavor. "A crumbly chocolate cookie filled with a refreshing mix of melty semi-sweet chocolate and mint chips," Crumbl's description of the dessert reads. Basically, it's like an Andes mint patty in cookie form, and it tastes pretty darn delicious.`You might not know that this cookie holds a special place in Crumbl history. "Fun fact: Midnight Mint was our FIRST specialty cookie ever and only served after midnight!" the company shared via Instagram. This cookie doesn't have any fancy fillings or toppings, but the combination of milk and dark chocolate is so timeless and perfect that it doesn't need any of that.

13. Birthday Cake

One of the most popular flavors of Crumbl cookies is definitely the Birthday Cake cookie. It's a pretty unsurprising flavor, perhaps, given that it's cake-flavored and served with a cream cheese frosting. Of course, there are also sprinkles scattered on top.

It's simple, to be certain, especially when compared to some other flavors from the chain. However, the Birthday Cake cookie is still super yummy and people love it. Seriously, people online can't get enough of this Crumbl flavor. "​​Birthday cake is back at Crumbl...this is gonna be a good week!," one person exclaimed on Twitter. "Yesterday, my sister brought home a birthday cake cookie from crumbl, I tasted it & now that's all I can think about," another noted

The cookie is perfectly sweet, with the exact right amount of cake batter flavoring without an overpowering hit of the stuff. All told, you've got yourself an almost perfect cookie, though cake batter flavor may still not be for everyone.

12. Milk Chocolate Chip

The chocolate chip cookie is no ingenue on the snack scene. Ever since Ruth Wakefield chopped up Nestle's chocolate and added it to her cookie batter back in 1939, the chocolate chip cookie has set the standard. So when Crumbl twists the mix by using milk chocolate chips rather than more common bittersweet bits, the result is a sweeter version of a classic that candy bar lovers will appreciate. 

However, fans of the more complex flavor of bittersweet chocolate are likely to be overwhelmed by the extra sugary taste. With so many other inventive flavors on the roster, it feels like Crumbl is soft-balling this one. After all, any cookie creator can throw milk chocolate into a cookie base and come up with this slightly irregular regular Joe. 

Did the company's recipe writer lose their thinking cap and scramble for something simple at the last minute? Was there a surplus of milk chocolate bars in the back room that needed to go as quickly as possible? Whatever the answer, Milk Chocolate Chip is a middling cookie mix.

11. Peanut Butter ft. Muddy Buddies

It should come as no surprise that another one of Crumbl's best cookies is a peanut butter-chocolate combination, Peanut Butter ft. Muddy Buddies. The cookie sounds pretty decadent, and it absolutely is. It consists of "Our signature peanut butter cookie topped with a melty pool of milk chocolate, Muddy Buddies pieces, and a light dusting of powdered sugar," per Crumbl's description. And really, the beauty of this cookie is in the details. The crunch from the Muddy Buddies is perfect with the smooth melted chocolate and chewy cookie, and the tiny dusting of powdered sugar just adds another dimension of flavor you didn't know you needed. 

There's just something about pure melted milk chocolate on top of a cookie that hits the spot. It's richer than chocolate chips throughout the cookie would be, and really takes the dessert to the next level. After all, anyone can add chocolate chips to their cookie, but melted chocolate and Muddy Buddies cereal on top? Now that's where the genius lies. This cookie is the perfect combination of chocolate and peanut butter, and honestly no matter how you feel about Muddy Buddies, you should give this one a try. It's definitely one of Crumbl's best. 

10. Pecan pie

Another one of Crumbl's better inventions is one of their takes on a traditional pie. The Pecan Pie cookie from Crumbl is the bakery's attempt to recreate the magic of pie in cookie form, and it's pretty darn delicious. 

According to Crumbl, the cookie is a "buttery warm sugar cookie with brown sugar and toasted pecan pie filling." Basically, it's a mini pecan pie but with a cookie crust instead of a traditional pie crust. And honestly, it knocks traditional pecan pie out of the park. After all, why would you want a pie with a bland, unsweetened crust when you can have a sugar cookie crust instead? The filling isn't really anything to write home about, as it's basically just pecan pie filling. But considering how delicious pecan pie filling is, it's no surprise that this is one of Crumbl's best cookies. And if you don't feel like baking for Thanksgiving, you can always order this for dessert instead, your family will love it. 

9. Banana Bread

It's easy to make mistakes with banana bread in your home kitchen, but Crumbl seems to have cracked the code with its incredible banana bread cookie. Anytime one dessert tries to imitate another, there's a chance the result will be obviously altered. But in this instance, the banana bread you know and love comes to the Crumbl case intact. It carries all the warm goodness of its flavor namesake baked into every bite. The result is a comforting reminder of fresh, home-baked creations made with loving care.

This tempting treat captures the soft, sweet goodness of a classic quick bread on the soft Crumbl-style base, all with a swirl of tangy cream cheese glaze and a brown sugar cinnamon crumble topping. Imagine a warm slice dressed with what amounts to cake frosting and try not to drool. This is a winner that reimagines a homestyle favorite as a cookie treat you can grab and enjoy on the go.

8. Strawberry Cake

While strawberries feature in several Crumbl cookie creations, there's always room for another take on the fruit-flavored favorite in the luscious line-up. Even if you've been eating strawberries wrong all this time, you can finally get it right by digging into a Strawberry Cake cookie. 

There's something special about the gentle zing of strawberries in a fluffy cake-flavored cookie that recalls simpler times and sunny springtime moments. It may not be an actual picnic, but this cookie is a tasty enough reminder of how fulfilling a less-fancy fruit flavor can be. That's especially true when more dynamic options like salted caramel brownie and quadruple chocolate fudge have outlived their charm. A standard like strawberry can always wait to be noticed again.

Crumbl begins with a cookie that captures strawberry and vanilla in a sumptuous swirl. Topped with strawberry cream cheese frosting and decorated with curled shavings of white chocolate, the completed creation looks like a celebration. It's tailor-made for strawberry lovers to indulge in anytime the spirit moves them.

7. Chocolate Chip

A chocolate chip cookie is downright iconic, so a cookie chain like Crumbl is duty-bound to have one on its menu — and it better be good. That said, the Crumbl version is a little different than your standard chocolate chip cookie, as it's made with milk chocolate chips instead of the somewhat more bitter semi-sweet ones typically deployed in other cookies. That might be why people love and praise it so much.

"Crumbl's chocolate chip cookie is delicious," one person Tweeted. "I could eat Crumbl's chocolate chip cookie every day!!" another fan wrote. However, it's worth noting that this cookie is sometimes intensely sweet and buttery. So, if you're a fan of chocolate chip cookies and love things that are especially sweet, this might be your favorite from Crumbl. However, it's still pretty simple, which can leave some of the more adventurous cookie eaters wondering if there's something more exciting waiting for them on the menu. There's nothing wrong with this cookie, though, so keep it in mind next time you have a classic craving.

6. Circus Animal

If you loved the circus animal cookies your parents brought home from the grocery store when you were a kid, this Crumbl cookie is for you. The Circus Animal cookie from Crumbl is the bakery's take on the classic store-bought favorite, with a sugar cookie base, rainbow sprinkles, white chocolate, and a tiny cookie in the shape of an animal. 

Some people absolutely love it. "I just discovered my new favorite food: it's Crumbl's circus animal cookie which is just a cookie that tastes like another cookie which is very on brand for me," one person wrote on Twitter. "My soul needs crumbl, especially since one of the flavors is circus animal," another added. The cookie is seriously delectable, though it's admittedly still quite sweet with the combination of two different cookies and white chocolate. Still, even if you're not a fan of the classic circus animal cookie, you should give this cookie a go at least once.

5. Reese's Cup

One of the most iconic and popular flavor combinations out there has always been chocolate and peanut butter. The duo assuredly belongs together in a flavor has been perfected by small shops and big names like Reese's candies over the years. Crumbl's take on the candy is pretty amazing, too.

If you're a peanut butter fan, then there's nothing to say, except that this is the cookie for you. The Reese's Cup cookie is a warm, peanut butter cookie, topped with melted chocolate and peanut butter, and crumbled pieces of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. It's no less than a chocolate and peanut butter lover's dream come true. There is a slight word of caution here, however: since the cookie is very rich and indulgent, it can be a lot to handle if you're not prepared. Still, so long as you know what you're getting into, definitely give this cookie a try.

4. Chocolate Milk

When botanist Sir Hans Sloane ferried the concept of chocolate milk from Jamaica to Europe in the 18th century, he had no idea it would someday become a captivating Crumbl cookie flavor. Today, his inviting invention has taken on a new shape that chocolate lovers are sure to be sweet on. By capturing the essence of chocolate milk in cookie form, Crumbl has created an indulgent blend of beverage and dessert in a single baked goodie. It may be the next best thing to pouring a glass of the real stuff.

To replicate the layers of richness found in a good glass of chocolate milk, the Crumbl cookie includes a malted milk chocolate base dressed with a swath of mousse and chocolate whipped cream. A tuile cookie straw compliments the otherwise soft texture, giving the visual impression of a cup of hot chocolate when viewed from above. 

Not only is the prospect of taking a sip-sized bite of this a true tongue tempter, it's also a delight to look at. Imagine a tray of Chocolate Milk Crumbl cookies transforming your table into a winsome landscape of sugary charm. Cookie fans and chocolate milk lovers will be in sweet heaven!

3. Cornbread

If you've never thought of cornbread as dessert, then please allow Crumbl Cookies to change your mind with its cornbread cookie, which comes complete with a honey butter topping and some honey buttercream to boot. It's just as interesting and tasty as it sounds.

Crumbl really took a risk with this particular treat, but it clearly paid off. People love the interesting take on the dessert. "ATTENTION! THIS IS NOT A DRILL! THEY HAVE CORNBREAD COOKIES AT Crumbl Cookies!!! And they're amazing!!!" one fan wrote

This cookie is so rich, flavorful, and unique that you'll definitely remember it long after you've finished your first one. The butter, honey, and cornbread flavors of the cookie, along with its unique cornbread style texture, all compliment each other perfectly. At the end of the day, you'll be wondering why there aren't more cornbread-inspired desserts out there. Be sure to give this cookie a try the next time Crumbl has it available.

2. Peppermint Bark

Listen, if you've learned anything from Crumbl, it's that any cookie topped with melted chocolate of any kind is going to be delicious. And their Peppermint Bark cookie is no exception. The dessert is "a peppermint-infused chocolate cookie covered in a pool of melty white chocolate and a sprinkle of crushed candy cane" via Queen Creek Sun Times. Basically, if you're a fan of chocolate and mint fused together, then this is the cookie for you. The combination of dark chocolate in the cookie base, peppermint flavoring, creamy, melted white chocolate, and crushed candy canes make this a festive and seriously decadent treat. And while peppermint and chocolate is definitely a flavor combination you really only crave around Christmas, this cookie would be delicious year-round if Crumbl decided to serve it that way. 

Of course, they won't, so take advantage the next time this is on the menu. Instead of treating yourself to your traditional peppermint mocha next year, have this. Your taste buds will thank you. 

1. Chocolate Oreo

Finally, the best Crumbl cookie out there is one that probably won't surprise you, at least not if you're already a dedicated cookie fan. The Chocolate ft. Oreo cookie is the perfect baked cookie version of everyone's favorite store-bought cookie. It makes sense that Crumbl's version of the Oreo would be their best cookie, too.

The cookie isn't all that complicated, given that it's a chocolate cookie with vanilla cream cheese frosting and Oreo bits sprinkled on top, per Crumbl's Twitter. Also, this is the ultimate Crumble cookie for its rich and perfectly unique flavor. Honestly, if you're a fan of Oreos, even just a little bit, you need to try this cookie. It's no less than the best cookie that Crumbl has to offer. If you see that Crumbl is offering this the next time you make it out to a Crumbl location, be sure to include it in your order to experience the chocolatey magic of this cookie.