Kraft Urges McDonalds To Add Mac & Cheese To Their Big Mac

Imagine two of the most quintessentially American products funneling their iconic goodness together. The possibilities of two favorite comfort foods together can turn out delicious: apple pie a la mode, a fried egg on a burger, a tuna melt, and even mac and cheese ice cream. The latter creation, macaroni and cheese, was mentioned in one of North America's first cookbooks, "The Virginia Housewife," in 1824 (per How Stuff Works). It gained popularity during Thomas Jefferson's presidency and was perfected by his enslaved chef James Hemmings. More recently, the trend is adding the classic food to other favorites including chicken, French fries, pizza, and grilled cheese. 

Now, it seems a collision of two iconic American foods is on track to change the fast-food world forever. Kraft Heinz is looking to answer the question some McDonald's fans may have been asking for the last half a century: Where's the "Mac" on the Big Mac?

Kraft wants you to help

Instead of calling a meeting between two mega corporations, Kraft is looking to consumers to help facilitate a merging of two American classics. On October 12, Kraft launched, a movement to encourage McDonald's to add a heaping scoop of Kraft's classic Mac & Cheese to the equally iconic Big Mac.

Kraft wants you to smile like the cute macaroni noodle on the front of its famous blue box (even if your cardiologist isn't smiling) while imagining a mac-on-Mac burger. The company, it appears, has been peeking through your kitchen window. "For years, we've seen our fans add Kraft Mac & Cheese to their burgers from the comfort of their homes," Christina Brown, associate brand manager at Kraft Heinz, said in a statement. Brown said the brand wants to make it easier for you to combine these comfort foods while you're out and about. "We are hopeful that America's most iconic burger, the Big Mac, will start to add the most important mac of all."

You can help by suggesting the addition of Mac & Cheese to the 55-year-old Big Mac. Follow Kraft on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook by posting a pre-populated tweet or a personalized one with the tags @mcdonalds and #wheresthemac. As a thank you, Kraft will treat you to a free box of Kraft Mac & Cheese. And just maybe, you may soon see the fast-food team-up of a generation.