The Hilariously Explicit Title Duff Goldman Wanted To Give Ace Of Cakes

The saying goes, "Never judge a book by its cover." Brittanica says that this means avoiding deciding the value of something based wholly on its outward appearance or other superficial information. There's another saying, this one taken from Billy Shakespeare's play "Romeo & Juliet." It asks simply, "What's in a name?" As Psychology Today points out, a name can alter a person's life. It may even change the trajectory of a television show.

Consider what would have happened if shows like "Hell's Kitchen" or "The Pioneer Woman" were given different names. Would anyone want to watch "English Chef Yells" or "Cook Makes Old Food?" Maybe, but not only do those names lack any semblance of poetry, but they also don't roll off the tongue.

Without an appropriate appellation, something beautiful can easily be turned ugly or confusing in our minds. The adorable show "New Girl," which is about wacky love between roommates, was actually once called "Chicks & Dicks," according to Glamour. Vanity Fair reports that the long-lasting show "Friends" once had the title "Six of One." It's unclear what that means, though it certainly sounds more like a science-fiction drama than a lighthearted comedy.

In this same vein, Duff Goldman originally wanted his show, the unique "Ace of Cakes," to be called something decidedly, and amusingly different.

Sometimes, you need to baker with some serious attitude

Duff Goldman is a character. Watch him on any of his shows, and you'll see a giggling, cheery man who overflows with mirth and good cheer. However, Goldman says he wasn't always this way. 

Some of that rough-and-tumble mentality showed through when the Food Network revealed several facts about Jefferey Goldman, Duff's real name. One of them was that he wanted a far more aggressive title for "Ace of Cakes." When producers first received a demo tape for the show, it was named "____ You Let's Bake." This was quickly discarded for a more family-friendly name. Such options included "Bake It to the Limit," "Charm City," and "Doughboy." Ultimately, Ace of Cakes won out, and the rest is culinary television history.

Sadly, that history may remain forever in the past, as Goldman says a return of "Ace of Cakes" is nigh impossible.