Instagram Was Shook By Gordon Ramsay's Hell's Kitchen Make Out

Gordon Ramsay has courted plenty of controversy in the past. He's been outed on several occasions for dirty deals going on in his restaurants, attacks on his television shows, and other alleged malfeasance that ultimately led to lawsuits. HuffPost even says he was accused of having a blond mistress in an affair that lasted for years. Needless to say, the man certainly knows how to rock the boat, both on camera and behind the scenes.

One of the most-frequent indictments of Ramsay's character is his treatment of women. In addition to being accused of infidelity, Ramsay has also run afoul of sexual harassment complaints. In 2019, a resurfaced clip from a cringe-worthy interview of Ramsay on a 2010 episode of "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" prompted social media users to attack the "Kitchen Nightmares" star. During the interview, Ramsay used a lot of crude language with actress Sofia Vergara and performed some inappropriate touching. Though it didn't appear to enter the realm of legally actionable, many people still felt that Ramsay was out of line.

There's another time that Gordon Ramsay seemed to behave completely inappropriately, and that's when he decided that he liked a "Hell's Kitchen" contestant's dish so much that he had to kiss her, and do it with gusto. This could easily have been cause for a new courtroom brawl, but it turns out that the contestant was so eager to kiss Ramsay, she actually signed a contract that said he could. 

Veal scallopini gets you a kiss from Gordon Ramsay

In the very first episode of the 7th season of "Hell's Kitchen," there was an unusual contestant put into the mix. According to Gordon Ramsay, per the Instagram video, this contestant was "dull and boring," and even made a veal scallopini that was equally dull and boring. At least, that's how it appeared at first.

Once Ramsay took a bite of the scallopini, he recoiled, turning his face away quickly, in what could easily be interpreted as disgust. But, upon turning around, he had nothing but compliments to rain on the woman who had made the dish. "Don't look so nervous," he advised her shortly before offering her a comforting hug to assure her that he wasn't actually like the screaming monster he often portrayed.

While the gesture seemed gentle, it turned out to be a lot more than comfort. "That is not his style," said one of the contestants, "he doesn't just hug people." Ramsay then went a step further, kissing the contestant on each cheek. This could be seen as European, perhaps, but when he mashed his face against hers, it was certainly not a continental greeting.

Luckily for Ramsay, the woman was actually his wife, Tara Ramsay, dressed in wig and glasses, planted on the show as a bit of a shock for the audience and contestants. It worked, with commenters on Instagram saying that the experience left them "SHOOK."