Out Of All Of Gordon Ramsay's Interviews, This Was The Most Cringeworthy

Gordon Ramsay isn't known for sweet-talking, but a 2010 interview that resurfaced in January of 2019 has fans in an uproar. In the cringe-worthy video, Ramsay is shown seated next to Sofia Vergara, who appears to be recoiling from his behavior as he made inappropriate jokes and touched her without asking. 

Ramsay and Vergara appeared together on "The Tonight Show" with Jay Leno, where Ramsay not only mocked her accent but also made jabs at her culinary tastes and referenced her body in a way that a lot of fans have deemed inappropriate (per Insider).

The interview starts off with Vergara explaining her behavior from a skit, claiming "I never scream like that." Ramsay replied, "Only in the bedroom," and touched her leg with his hand. Vergara pulled away, seeming uncomfortable. He continued in that same manner throughout the segment, interjecting inappropriate innuendoes, specifically when Leno flashed a photo of Vergara eating a slice of pizza, and repeatedly extending his hand to touch her. At one point, Vergara exclaimed, "No touching," and swatted Ramsay away when he proceeded to attempt making contact again. 

Viewers are appalled at Ramsay's behavior

Fans are outraged by the resurfaced content on YouTube, and the Twitterverse is expressing its dismay. One user claimed she stopped supporting Ramsay altogether sharing "I stopped following anything Gordon Ramsay after that horrifying interview with Sofia Vergara on some random American talk show."

Some Twitter users comment on Vergara's body language, with one sharing "Just looking at Sofia Vergara's body language here nauseates me. Notice how Gordon Ramsay encroaches on her personal space, manspreading, grandstanding as Vergara instinctively curls into a progressively smaller ball in retreat while using flamboyant humour to deflect and recover." Others are disappointed with the host, sharing "I really wish Jay would have said something. You're supposed to put the safety and comfort of your guests first." Ace Showbiz reports that more of Vergara's defenders have chastised Leno for not stepping to her aid as the show's host and the segment's leader.

As fans on social media continue to respond to the video, neither Ramsay, Vergara, or Leno have issued statements (per ET Online). TheThings speculates that if this interview had taken place in 2022, there would have been more backlash, and it's worth noting that this isn't the first scandal to plague Ramsay.