What Happened To Mary Lou Davis From Hell's Kitchen?

Going into "Hell's Kitchen" as a contestant is brutal. On-screen, they have to work hard while pushing the boundaries of their cooking ability and taking verbal abuse from Gordon Ramsay. That's just what's in front of the camera. Off-screen at "Hell's Kitchen" is even more intense. Though it is grueling, those with the proper mix of personality, skills, and pure, uncut chutzpah can turn their appearance on the show into a real enterprise.

Life for Meghan Gill after winning "Hell's Kitchen" altered immensely. She first worked under Ramsay before moving on to overseeing kitchens for the Dormie Network. Michael Wray, the first winner of the competition, underwent several transformations. He lost his daughter, relapsed into opioid addiction, and his life collapsed for a while. He is now hoping to start a food truck business that serves meals but also reaches out to addicts across the country. Nona Johnson, the winner of Season 8, owns a restaurant called the Sizzling Peach with her wife. The goal of the restaurant is luxury and sustainability. Nona and the company use organic and locally-sourced produce, promoting growers who ordinarily sell to large audiences.

Another alumnus of "Hell's Kitchen" is the outspoken, purple-haired spitfire, Mary Lou Davis, who engaged audiences and captivated them with her relationship with Cody, another competitor. For those who wonder how she's spent her time since the show aired, here's the scoop.

Mary Lou Davis seems content and happy

Mary Lou Davis managed to pull a near victory out of "Hell's Kitchen" in Season 19, even though she says her first day was "terrible." She ended up a runner-up in the competition before being hedged out by Kori Sutton, the mom who was almost totally unprepared for the show. Though no competitor likes to take home the silver, Davis was gracious and has managed to translate her appearance into a relatively active career. The Hell's Kitchen Wiki explains she went back to the Whiskey Cake Kitchen and Bar, where she's a full partner.

In addition to her standard cooking job, Davis is active on social media with a brand called Geeks & Grubs. In fact, "Hell's Kitchen" found her on Instagram. Much of her longer content is on YouTube, but she maintains her Instagram presence as well, posting shorter videos with a more fun angle. Mary Lou has also proven she enjoys quite a bit of cosplay, often dressing up as characters while teaching how to cook. She's been Dumbledore, Jet Black from "Cowboy Bebop," and done videos themed in "Black Panther" and "Nightmare Before Christmas" styles.

Though her videos only get thousands of views, she has a respectable Instagram following, and most importantly seems to be having fun in everything she does.