GBBO May Have Already Told Us Who's Going Home Next Week

"The Great British Baking Show" is the darling of the reality cooking competition show world that poses a stark contrast from intense and dramatic shows on this side of the pond. Although shows like "Hell's Kitchen" and "Worst Cooks In America" are known for their stressful work environments, the camaraderie and friendships on "The Great British Baking Show" leave viewers feeling warm and fuzzy — like a Yorkshire pudding straight out of the oven.

Also known as "The Great British Bake Off," the show is nearly halfway through Season 13, with seven bakers remaining from the original dozen. Spoiler alert: This last week, the tent said goodbye to a fan favorite, Carole Edwards (aka Compost Carole), the spunky, pink-haired cashier and radio host from Dorset. Carole made a strong impression on fans in Episode 1, with viewers praising her on Twitter. "When I grow up I want to be cool as Compost Carole #GBBO," @mlbray123 said. In another comment, @absolutegazelle wrote, "Carole is my winner of this year's series. She's consistently iconic #gbbo."

When Carole was eliminated, fans on Twitter turned their gushing admiration for their favorite baker, to wishing unpopular Dawn would've left instead. However, some suspect Dawn's time in the tent might be coming to a close due to revealing previews at the end of the last episode (via Hello Magazine).

Is it dusk for Dawn?

Dawn has had a rough couple of weeks of bakes in the tent, and fans are predicting that she is next to go due to spoilers in the promo for next week's Halloween episode. The video shows Dawn presenting her creation to the judges, looking uneasy, and flinching at the noise of it dropping. On Twitter, @ChaffeyTheresa commented, "Why do you do all these previews you spoil it." Similarly, @mariahscracker wrote, "From next week's promo... It looks like dawn is in danger."

Dawn, the eldest in the batch of contestants this season, is an IT Manager from Bedfordshire, according to the show's website. With a big smile and even bigger eyes, Dawn appears sweet and maternal, with Paul Hollywood referring to her as 'mum', despite only being four years younger than her. So why are "GBBO" fans actively rooting against Dawn

Fans on Twitter have pointed out she has made boastful comments that she can't deliver on. "Dawn bragging about how she absolutely smashes making lemon meringue pie every week but delivering terribly in reality has big Tory energy #GBBO," @megch4n said, referring to the 'Tory' Conservative Party in the UK. Additionally, many fans weren't thrilled to learn that Dawn previously worked for former Prime Minister Boris Johnson. "'Dawn is a former project manager for Boris Johnson.' May her cakes BURN #GBBO," @marcusjdl said.

Despite some fans actively rooting against her, "GBBO" is, of course, judged based on baking performance. Fans will simply have to wait until next week to see if her spooky bakes will earn her another week in the tent.