Grace Lyra Simmons

Photo of Grace Lyra Simmons
San Francisco, CA
University Of California, Davis
Fine Dining, Cooking, FoodTok
  • Grace has professional culinary experience cooking at a Michelin Star Italian restaurant in San Francisco. She is a passionate cook and eater and is fascinated by the cultural origins of recipes from around the world.
  • She studied Communications and Professional Writing at UC Davis, where she wrote for the university paper, The California Aggie. She also established the Food & Culture column at the paper, becoming the first food writer.
  • Through her startup experience, Grace worked with hundreds of local restaurant and small food business owners in the Bay Area — interviewing them, creating marketing content, and learning about local food success stories.


Grace Lyra Simmons is a passionate cook and freelance writer based in San Francisco. She has professional cooking experience at a Michelin Star Italian restaurant and uses these skills to develop her own recipes at home. Her writing is driven by a deep curiosity of the intersections of food and culture.


Grace earned her BA from University of California, Davis in Communications with a minor in Professional Writing.
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