Twitter Is Actively Rooting Against This GBBO Contestant

At the end of "The Great British Bake Off" Episode 5, a fan favorite got sent home, and this may have sparked the ire that Twitter is venting on someone else.

Carole, the humble and well-liked 59-year-old from Dorset (per Daily Echo), won the hearts of Twitter in Episode 2 already, when her 3D mask for the showstopper challenge broke. She burst into tears while the cameras rolled. Despite her stroke of misfortune, she still went around asking if anybody in the tent wanted help, per Heart Radio, and this sent some on Twitter into an emotional tailspin. The producers never cut the scene because they knew better than anyone else the effect it would have on viewers.

Carole, often chanting the words "It's a bit rough and ready" struggled through Episode 5 (per The Guardian) but was cut from the competition leaving Dawn surprised, per Hello!, and Twitter in another one of its moods.

Twitter's new favorite (for all the wrong reasons)

During the now eliminated Carole's tribulation, Twitter could not help but notice the braggadocio emanating from Dawn's camp. "I bake a lemon meringue pie for my friends every Sunday," she said more than once, per The Guardian.

Well, the day that "GBBO" filmed Dessert Week must not have been a Sunday as her Meringue pie flopped (supposedly due to the lack of sufficient filling). Paul Hollywood felt driven to say: "It is a mess," per Biggleswade Today.

Twitter, the arbiter of all good taste, noticed and found this rather distasteful (to say the least). "Dawn bragging about how she absolutely smashes making lemon meringue pie every week but delivering terribly, in reality, has big Tory energy," noted @megch4n, who seems to have had a previous experience with empty promises. "Wasn't she the one that worked with Boris too?" asked @overgrownmillie, suspecting a connection between Dawn and one famous empty-promise maker. @GeorgiaEH17 posted a headshot of herself beaming and captioned it: "Me every time something goes wrong for Dawn." Twitter has made it clear that Carole will be missed, and apparently, no other contestant will be able to fill her shoes, especially not Dawn.