Instagram Lit Up Over Balenciaga's $1,500 Lay's Chip Bag

You may have heard the phrase, "cheap as chips" but most likely think $1,500 doesn't qualify as 'cheap'. How much would you pay for a bag of chips? Back in 2016 a Swedish brewery, St. Erik's made headlines by selling a box containing just five potato chips which it sold for $56, according to the New York Post. The company had a limited production run of 100 boxes which sold out shortly after release. So, there are people out there paying for this sort of thing. However, would you spend that kind of money on Lay's — no matter how good they might be? 

Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery explains that Lay's holds the biggest share of the U.S. chip market at almost 60% and an 8-ounce bag will cost you around $3.50. If your favorite flavor was discontinued, you may think of paying extra just to get it back. However, what if the bag was completely empty? What if, it was just a fashion statement? 

We've seen many strange handbag trends over the years but this one takes the cake ... or rather, chip. 

All that and a bag of chips

Handbag trends are set to be unusual this fall, according to Vogue, and leading the pack, it seems, is the fashion brand Balenciaga: The company recently released a leather bag that is meant to look like it's destined for the trash. However, this isn't original, in 2013 Lanvin released a similar-looking bag and the press couldn't help but mention the resemblance to "Zoolander's" Derelicte garbage-inspired fashion

Balenciaga designer Demna Gvasalia once said, "Fashion to me is a mirror, a reflection of what's going on around us." Apparently, what's going on around us involves a bunch of Lay's chip packets because that seems to be the inspiration for their fall-season handbags. He posted an image of one of the bags on Instagram with the caption "the Lay's x Balenciaga leather chip bag". It's been suggested that the bag will set you back around $1,500. People commenting on Denma's post said things like, "At this point I think Balenciaga is a social experiment" and "It's simply amazing that these are LEATHER bags. Love them." Another asked, "meaningless stunts?"

Lay's also took the opportunity to post the item on their Instagram page where several people thought the bag was "hilarious" or pondered if they could "find it at a grocery store". However, many of the comments were only interested in what happened to Flamin' Hot Lay's.