Lay's Is Resurrecting A Fan-Favorite Potato Chip Flavor

There are plenty of spicy snacks and chips on the market, from Flamin' Hot Cheetos to Andrew Zimmern's favorite hot kettle chips. There are also new hot-flavored chips rolling out all the time, for example, Pringles recently teamed up with "Hot Ones" to launch a new line of fiery flavors. But sometimes, new chip flavors just can't replace your old favorites.

Lay's is bringing back the original recipe for Lay's Flamin' Hot, as announced via Instagram and Twitter, and it's clear that fans are thrilled about this. Lay's explained that they've listened to the customers, and in one Twitter post, the company said that they're giving away three bags of custom Flamin' Hot chips as part of a contest where fans comment on why they deserve their own special bag.

When Lay's first changed its recipe for the Flamin' Hot chips, customers were extremely unsatisfied. In a Reddit post about the recipe change, one person described the chip as a "sickly Dorito," and multiple people even reached out to Lay's about the new taste. There was even a petition asking the company to return to the original recipe, so this is a victory for Lay's Flamin' Hot lovers.

What did fans say about the return of Lay's Flamin' Hot chips?

Lay's announcement certainly caught the people's attention. On the Twitter post about the switch to the original Flamin' Hot recipe, one person commented and explained how they had stopped buying the chips but "Today I'm the happiest man alive! The taste of nostalgia has never tasted so good."

Many other people echoed this same sentiment about the joy they feel over the return of the original Lay's Flamin' Hot flavor. On Instagram, one Lay's fan said, "THANK YOU!!!! We were hoping this would happen. Already bought 3 bags." Plenty of customers were pleased and thankful to see that Lay's had listened to their fanbase and made the change that so many people wanted. Unfortunately, while some people have been able to buy multiple bags, other Instagram users are still searching in stores for bags of Flamin' Hot chips.

If you can't find Lay's Flamin' Hot, the brand has other options. Lay's Layers bring a whole new way of snacking to the table, and we've ranked some of Lay's most popular flavors.