Molly Yeh's Birthday Cake For Her Daughter Is Lighting Up Instagram

Cookbook author and "Girl Meets Farm" host Molly Yeh brought much-needed joy to her followers on Instagram this week. The millennial wife, mom, and culinary superstar is one of the brightest stars in the culinary world. Despite gaining a fanbase that includes over 823,000 followers on Instagram, Yeh has maintained her sense of authenticity (via USA Today), something that is evident in each episode of her hit show. 

Filmed on a farm on the border of North Dakota and Minnesota, the series shows Yeh cooking on a farm with her real friends and family. And with the series having aired a whole four seasons of successful content, it's safe to say that the talented chef's messages have resonated well with Food Network's many viewers.

Yeh's genuinely kind nature and heartfelt love for her family are clear in both her TV series and on her Instagram feed, which she posts to regularly. In a recent post to her account, she shared photos of the food at the birthday party for her 3-year-old daughter, Bernie. Of particular note is the fact that the birthday cake received ample praise in the many comments left on the photo.

Baby Bernie's Cake

In an interview with USA Today, self-taught cook Molly Yeh stated that while she loves cooking, baking has her heart. With that in mind, it should come as no surprise that she baked a beautiful cake for her daughter Bernie's birthday party. On her Instagram, she shared a photo of the cake and party theme with her legion of followers, and her comments were flooded with praise. The cake featured a donut-shaped purple cake that was adorned with pink icing and finished with a ballerina topper (which also doubled as a candle holder).

Responses to the cake consisted of near-universal plaudits. In one reply, @Happyheartgardens commented, "OMG!! I have never been more into a party theme than this!" Similarly, @Crhudson praised Molly's artistic choices, writing, "Love the tutu piping... Very clever." More than a few commenters noted that they would like to sample the beautifully designed dessert. In another comment, @Lucia.maria77 joked, "I'll take the cake, so gorgeous."

While the majority of responses were positive, she did disappoint at least one user. @autumnsons77, an apparent "Star Wars" fan, commented, "[I] thought that was a Jedi-ballerina. Little bummed it's not." Of course, we think Molly need not worry as Bernie seems sure to have had a great time. However, given the fact that Yeh announced the birth of her second daughter only earlier this year, it does make us wonder what other creative cakes lie in her family's future.