Instagram Can't Get Over The Häagen-Dazs Holiday Ice Cream Bars At Costco

We're a few days shy of hitting the one-month mark of fall in the United States. However, considering that seasonal flavors such as apple, cinnamon, and the fan-favorite pumpkin spice began infiltrating restaurants and grocery stores as early as the first week of August this year (we're looking at you, Krispy Kreme), we can't blame any of our foodie friends for already being ready to ditch the apple cider donuts and pumpkin spice lattes for all the yummy goodies that winter brings.

Flavor Insights declared gingerbread, white chocolate, and praline among the trendiest flavors of the colder months in the U.S., but even with their increase in popularity, few can hold a candle to peppermint, which is essentially the pumpkin spice of the holiday season. Deemed the "undisputed flavor king of winter" by Thrillist in 2017, the sweet and cooling sensation that comes from sipping a peppermint mocha or sucking on a candy cane is simply unmatched, and if you don't think you can wait until after Thanksgiving to get your fix, a trip to Costco may serve you well.

The big box retailer is already stocking its aisles with a few mouthwatering minty treats, including the Häagen-Dazs peppermint bark ice cream bars that Instagram user @costcobuys recently spotted in stores. "They have a creamy white chocolate ice cream covered in dark chocolate with crunchy peppermint bark pieces...YUM," the Instagrammer described in a post over the weekend that has many other Costco shoppers buzzing with excitement.

Shoppers say Häagen-Dazs' peppermint bark ice cream bars are 'dangerously good'

Spooky season may be in full force right now, but that hasn't stopped Costco from getting a jump start on decking its shelves with winter delicacies like the limited edition Häagen-Dazs peppermint bark ice cream bars, which have been captivating the hearts of foodies since at least 2017 (via Big Muddy Ice Cream Blog).

"Score: 10 out of 10, you guys gotta try these," YouTuber SomethingNew said in his review of the treat last year. "Get these on your next grocery run," he encouraged, and if Costco happens to be your supermarket of choice, you can already go ahead and take his advice.

According to Instagrammer @costcobuys, the festive ice cream bars have officially begun making their annual appearance in warehouses around the country, much to the delight of their fellow Costco fans. "Omg yes! These are my favorite!!" one person commented on the October 16 post.

"These are delicious," quipped another fan. A third Costco shopper compared the chocolate-covered, peppermint bark-infused treats — which are available in packs of 15 for $12.99 — to "kryptonite," while a fourth said they were "dangerously good."

While Häagen-Dazs' seasonal novelties are clearly a favorite for many, we also know that peppermint may not be everybody's favorite. Fortunately, for those that aren't too keen on a strong and minty taste, Instagram user @the_real_mama_longo claimed the flavor isn't particularly overwhelming. "I am not a huge peppermint fan but I love these," they said.