Martha Stewart's Homemade Apple Cider Just Wowed Instagram

If there is anyone who is an expert on holiday dining and hosting, it's Martha Stewart. Stewart has spent her life publishing cookbooks (146 according to Paperback Swap), producing and starring in television shows, and showing countless people how to entertain. She's a woman of many talents, that are not solely limited to food. She's an animal lover, owning "hundreds and hundreds of pets" according to her blogMartha Steward created her own line of dog food inspired by her four canine companions. She is also known for her famous friends — take Stewart's friendship with Snoop Dogg. The duo has collaborated on BIC lighters and even co-hosted a cooking show, per IMDb. He's even made several appearances on her widely followed Instagram account. Most recently, Snoop showed up to support his "best friend" at her Vegas restaurant grand opening (via Vegas Magazine).

Stewart has given her fans a unique insight into her life via her Instagram. She often shares tips and tricks for hosting parties, gardening, and cooking. Fans loved her Instagram post that celebrated the start of fall with her apple bread pudding. With fall well underway, Stewart continues to impress her followers with seasonal cooking.

Fans want to get their hands on some fresh-pressed cider

Martha Stewart shared an Instagram photo of her 43 quarts of fresh apple cider with her 1.7 million followers. Stewart shared that she made a large amount of cider with the help of her granddaughter and granddaughter's friend. Stewart mentioned that they made the juice on her old-fashioned apple crusher. Several people commented that the way her quarts were laid out on the table, resembled a game of beer pong. One person wrote, "At first glance, I thought Snoop was over for a game of beer pong." Other fans wanted to see a picture of the old-fashioned apple press that she wrote about using.

Not one to leave her fans disappointed, Stewart followed up in a separate post showing off the old-fashioned apple press. According to Almanac, an apple press is sort of like an old-fashioned juicer. Apples are put inside the pressed and pressed until the pure juice is removed from the fruit and pulp. It takes about 30 to 40 apples to make one gallon of fresh apple cider. It's definitely a labor of love, but worth it to try some freshly squeezed juice.