Trader Joe's Shoppers Are Raving Over Its Sage Derby Cheddar Cheese

Trader Joe's loves giving its shoppers new products to try out. It's part of their charm as a grocery store that takes pride in their products, made for their fans. Everyone loves a new Trader Joe's item and more importantly, everyone also loves a new cheese on the shelf to pair with your favorite cracker, wine, or add to your best soup recipe.

Lucky for us, Trader Joe's has answered its customer's hopes and dreams once again, as a new cheese has been released. Shoppers could not be more pleased with the new and unique product that has hit the cheese shelves, as it's something you don't see every day in most cheese sections. Trader Joe's seems to be taking pride in the new product, advertising it as best paired with Chardonnay and letting all cheese board lovers know this is the perfect, aesthetically pleasing cheese to be added to that charcuterie board you've been planning (via Trader Joe's).

New Sage Derby Cheddar

Trader Joe's has released yet another new cheese that shoppers are raving over. The new sage derby cheddar cheese is a combination of fan-favorite flavors like sage and spinach which gives the cheese savory and earthy notes. Trader Joe's website describes Sage Derby cheese as a "holiday tradition dating back all the way to 17th century England. Sage Derby is well beloved in Britain for its savory, herbaceous taste, firm, buttery texture, and unmistakable green hue." The cheese comes from a cheesemaker in Lancashire in North West England.

Shoppers are loving the new cheese and the earthy flavors it brings to the table. Many people are saying it's great as an ingredient in a dish as a whole, like gnocchi, mac and cheese, or even a nice grilled cheese. Commenters on Instagrammer @traderjoeslist agree they were a little hesitant about the cheese, but it turned out to be delicious. One commenter wrote "10/10 for ingredients and flavors. I thought spinach in cheese might be weird but I was wrong." Another added that it tasted like Thanksgiving, which seems to be Trader Joe's point for the new cheese. One other commenter wrote "They were sampling it at my TJ's today. It was good!" Perhaps this will be a new cheese to bring home on that charcuterie board for Thanksgiving.