Harry Styles' Silent 'Pineapple On Pizza' Take Says It All

Pizza might be a widely loved food, but the best way to make it is up for debate. Look at the best pizza place in every state, and you could be looking at 50 totally different takes on pizza, from the crust, sauce, and cheese to the toppings. But while might some debate whether the differences between Detroit-style pizza and Chicago-style pizza make one better than the other (via Lonely Planet), others are asking the hard-hitting questions, namely whether or not pineapple belongs on pizza.

The most common way to enjoy (or despise) pineapple as a topping is probably on a Hawaiian pizza, which usually sees pineapple and ham on a traditional tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese pie. It's simple enough, but the combo of pineapple and savory ingredients can be seriously polarizing. So much so that even celebrities have been known to share their opinion. We know how Stanley Tucci really feels about pineapple on pizza and where Rachael Ray stands in the pineapple pizza debate. Now, pop music superstar Harry Styles has finally weighed in on the matter ... sort of.

Does Harry Styles like pineapple on pizza?

What are some things one might expect to see written on a sign at a Harry Styles concert? We can imagine them saying things like "I love you, Harry," but asking the musician about his mealtime preferences would never cross our minds. However, one creative fan attending Style's concert at United Center in Chicago did just that, asking the star, "Pineapple on Pizza?" via a hand-made sign. In a video shared on Twitter, Styles appears to see the sign and then mouths what looks like the word "never" while waving his hands in a dismissive gesture.

To say fans strongly reacted to his reaction would almost be an understatement. "HARRY PLEASE THIS ISN'T YOU," @kiwirrygf type-shouted in all-caps. "I am heartbroken, betrayed, hurt, scared, sad, in disbelief, stunned, confused, rethinking my life," @CidneyHaughian dramatically confessed in a tweet. But for some, Styles' rejection of pineapple on pizza may have been all they needed to take the other side. "If Harry doesn't like it I don't either," shared @nLIIOSone, who sounds like one committed fan. Okay, so pineapple is out. But what about a sprinkling of watermelon sugar?