How Stanley Tucci Really Feels About Pineapple On Pizza

If a Christmas tree and an apple have a baby, it'd be called a pineapple, right? That's all we have to say about the spiky fruit that wears a crown and is sweet and nutritious on the inside. After all, there's no reason to despise a tasty fruit that's a rich source of antioxidants, vitamins, and anti-inflammatory enzymes. At least, that's what most of us thought before the controversial pizza topping began to divide consumers. Some people love pineapple on pizza, some find it offensive, and others seem perplexed by the combination. 

While we may never settle the never-ending pineapple on pizza debate (maybe because we can't live without drama), we can only choose sides because there is no middle ground. If we talk about celebrities who love munching on pineapple pizza, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson stands tall above the rest (pun intended). He wrote Instagram, "pineapple on pizza is MY JAM — with ham." Beloved film star Jeff Goldblum once said, "Like there's no bad dog, there's no bad pizza. I love pineapple on pizza." And if we look for A-list pineapple pizza haters, it would be impossible to overlook Gordon Ramsay shunning the Hawaiian pizza and expressing his distaste.  

Many celebrities have expressed their opinion on pineapple pizza, and Stanley Tucci's no exception, as the actor-turned-foodie gave his two cents on one of America's greatest debates.  

Stanley Tucci despises the thought of pineapple on pizza

Considering Stanley Tucci is of Italian descent, he's obsessed with food and has been vocal about his problem with Italian-American cooking. So it came as no surprise when he shared his disdain for one of the most disliked pizza toppings ever. When Today Food asked the award-winning actor and host of "Searching for Italy" to weigh in on the debate, he did not forbear. "I have no thoughts on it," Tucci said. "It's so repellent, were I to think of it, I might not survive," Tucci described his immense dislike for the topping. "It's just gross."  

Tucci said he "can't fathom" the idea of putting pineapple on pizza as an adult, but he did try eating the sweet-savory combination once as a kid and quickly "blocked it out." Since the acclaimed actor greatly appreciates Italian culture and food is like religion to him, you can call him a pizza purist who likes to stick to the toppings that have been around for generations.  

It seems pretty clear that many people aren't big fans of putting pineapple chunks on their pizza. According to a Mashed survey, only one in 10 people choose it as their go-to pizza topping. At the end of the day, it all comes down to whatever satisfies your taste buds. However, it also doesn't mean dipping your pizza slice in chocolate syrup for the sake of experimentation! (Even thinking about it can give somebody nightmares.)