The Aldi Pizza Snack That Is Dividing Reddit

Pizza rolls are one of those quintessential handheld party snacks that are perfect for entertaining casual company or enjoying as a solo junk food splurge. They are quick and easy to make whether popping them in the oven or microwave or dropping them into the air fryer.

You have your standard flavors such as cheese and pepperoni, but you can also buy Buffalo chicken and other more adventurous options these days as well (per Kroger). Pizza rolls can be served plain or you can dip them in ranch, marinara, or really any other sauce of your choosing. Experimenting with new ideas like the Buffalo-Ranch combination is one way you can majorly upgrade your pizza rolls as well.

Perhaps the most popular — or at least the most identifiable — name brand for pizza rolls is Totino's. One in four American households eats Totino's pizza rolls each year (via General Mills). But our nation is a land of choice and abundance, especially when it comes to unhealthy processed foods, and countless store brands offer their own version of pizza rolls. Aldi's signature label Mama Cozzi's is one such example, and its pizza snacks are dividing Redditors of the subreddit r/aldi.

Aldi's pizza snacks: The good, the bad, and the okay

Redditor u/Melly_Meow posted a picture of Aldi's Mama Cozzi's pizza snacks to the subreddit r/aldi with the caption: "I had high hopes. It's a nope." One Redditor who sided with the poster's negative appraisal said that in the case of pizza rolls, you just can't beat the original. "Completely agree. If I want pizza rolls, Totino's is the only way to go." Not everyone concurred with the assessment though, including one person who countered, "That's blasphemy in my opinion." Another user exclaimed, "I love these! The dough is a bit more crispy than the name brand." For maximum crispness, Aldi Reviewer recommends using a traditional oven.

Others took a middle-ground approach. Commenter u/garvisdol remarked, "Not going to say they're amazing or anything, but I don't mind them at all." Then there were those pizza roll aficionados impressed by a particular flavor of Aldi's pizza snacks, like the user who stated, "Not the same as the real deal but passable. The Buffalo chicken ones though...GET IN MY MOUTH!"

If you want to know how Aldi's pizza snacks stack up to Totino's then review our hard-hitting analysis of which is better. Mashed evaluated cost, size, nutrition, and–most importantly–taste. Get informed before you hit the store for your next pizza roll run.