The Snacks Nicole Modic Always Packs In Her Purse - Exclusive

Food blogger and influencer Nicole Modic, AKA Kalejunkie, is nothing if not a major-league snacker. You may have suspected this if you've spent any time on her socials, sifting through her ramen recipes and white bean salad suggestions in favor of pumpkin spice peanut butter popcorn balls, hash browns masquerading as avocado toasts, or peanut butter and jelly granola clusters that, Modic swears, "literally tastes like a PB&J sandwich!⁣"

In the world of snacks, of course, there are hierarchies. Modic's soon-to-be-released cookbook, "Love To Eat," for example, will hand you the keys to delicious hors d'oeuvres and after-school treats, including cauliflower bites, cheesy carrot sticks, sweet potato donut holes, parmesan crisps, and cucumber bites. Yes, some of those are fit for tea time with the king. None of those, however, are particularly purse friendly. As Modic admitted in an exclusive interview with Mashed, her on-the-go choices are considerably simpler. 

Nicole Modic reveals her top three go-to snacks

Out-and-about, and without a freezer stocked with, say her frozen chocolate banana pops, Nicole Modic looks for simple, high-protein alternatives. "I like individual packets of nut butters," Modic exclusively dished to Mashed. "I find that those are an easy way to get some healthy fats and protein in on the go." Modic told mashed she also likes to keep protein-rich beef sticks in her purse, "because having protein in my diet keeps me fuller longer."

While it's unlikely she'll carry her no-dairy artichoke dip around with her (another up-and-coming "Love to Eat" treasure), Modic doesn't forgo fruits and veggies when she's out-of-house, either. "Sometimes I cut up some fresh fruit and put them in little individual bags," Modic told Mashed. "I will do sliced apples usually, because those are always in season. Once in a while, I'll do berries, put[ting] them in a little snack pack."

Nicole Modic recently partnered with Del Monte. For more snack inspiration, check out Del Monte's website to save Nicole's original recipes, including her Stuffed Cucumber Bites and Loaded 7-Layer Dip.