The Unexpected Ingredient You Should Add To Avocado Toast

Australian Bill Granger is credited with the invention of avocado toast and Gwyneth Paltrow with its rise to fame. Granger and Paltrow are responsible for avocado toast becoming a food trend at the turn of the millennium, per BBC

A mashed, oversized berry on toast with a pinch of salt is not much of an invention. Be that as it may, this simple meal became a chic food and achieved remarkable popularity by 2016. According to The Washington Post, it was one of the "decade's most popular food trends", and Gwyneth Paltrow received credit for some of the food's exposure when she endorsed it in her 2013 cookbook: "It's All Good", per Tasting Table.

Avocado toast's rich nutritional content made it popular among health-conscious and vegan diners, and in 2017 Beth Braverman of the Fiscal Times summed it up as "the breakfast of choice among hipsters worldwide." During avocado toast's prime, the trend-conscious American willingly forked out at least $6.78 at cafes and restaurants. In the same year, Americans spent $900 000 on it per month (cumulatively), per Square (via Time).

Avocado and Toast revival with a special ingredient

Not everybody got caught up in the craze, and a growing dislike of avocado toast seemed to sprout among industry professionals. A London-based chef, Joseph Ryan, felt that avocado on toast was tasteless, per The New Statesman, and an article posted by Delish claimed that it was an imposter trying to steal the place of eggs at the breakfast table. Be that as it may, avocado is still, as Dr. Frank Lipman puts it, "one of nature's little miracle foods." 

Plain avocado and toast may lack in the taste department, but that is a shortcoming with easy remedies: there are numerous recipes with not-so-secret ingredients like salt and pepper, garlic powder, herbs, or cilantro. The more unexpected ingredients of avocado toast recipes are poached eggs and artisanal bread.

We want to bring to light a Gwyneth Paltrow endorsement in her cookbook "It's All Easy" (via Newcastle Herald): the combination of bacon with avocado toast. It is as innovative as it is tasty, and perhaps the first step in a grand avocado conspiracy to replace eggs on the breakfast table? The jury's still out on that, but we know one thing for sure: It's a delicious spin in the classic avocado toast.