Reddit Is Slamming Dunkin's New Point System

Rewards programs are a great way to thank customers for their loyalty. They typically allow customers to earn a certain amount of points toward free items each time a purchase is made. Notably, the Dunkin' rewards program is going through a major change as of late. 

According to the official Dunkin' website, 10 points are rewarded for each $1 spent, and as an additional perk, customers who visit the store 12 times per month will receive 12 points per $1 for three months. The first reward starts at 150 points and includes small treats such as Munchkins and hash browns. When you rake up 900 points, you can cash them in for a frozen drink or a latte. Sadly, it didn't take customers long to realize this new program is far inferior to the last. 

According to NBC Boston, the old DD Perks system rewarded five points for every $1 spent. After a mere 200 points, customers would earn themselves a free coffee. Now, a small coffee costs 500 points, and a large beverage starts at 700 points. Complaints from customers active on social media began to roll in shortly after the announcement was made. For example, one Twitter user wrote, "The Dunkin' rewards system is trash ... Why did they even change it? SMH." 

Three days ago, however, an apparent glitch in the system overwhelmed customers with points they weren't expecting, prompting a slightly different set of complaints.

Tons of points poured in

Some Dunkin' Donuts customers were visibility confused this week when the Dunkin' rewards app added a ton of points to their accounts. As per usual, a substantial subset of these customers went straight to Reddit to share their discovery with the rest of the internet.

One poster took to the r/DunkinDonuts subreddit with the caption "I Earned THIS?!" They then added a photo proclaiming they had accumulated 1,040,376 points. Folks in the comments section shared their own hilarious experiences with the apparent glitch. Unsurprisingly, many were quick to make jokes at the expense of the new and widely derided system. "Same here. Got an email saying I have 91,000 points. I went ahead and bought a franchise," one poster wrote. Another comment read, "With that many points, you could probably get TWO FREE DRINKS! (signature drinks not included)."

If for some strange reason this isn't a fluke, it could calm down some of the customers who are angry with the newest update to the rewards system. Of course, given the outrageously high points values spontaneously appearing in some users' accounts, we think it's safe to bet on this being a mistake. Evidently, the fun of the glitch isn't enough to please all Dunkin' customers. One Reddit user on another thread wrote, "I might just make the switch to Wawa or Starbucks just out of spite. Thanks, Dunkin." Similarly, another commenter wrote, "Definitely switching to WaWa." 

Of course, we really doubt that Dunkin' will rush to give all customers a million free points. However, if it wants to retain the most vocal members of its fan base, it sounds like the company might need to rethink some of its most recent changes.