Nestlé's Smoothie Cubes Just Made These Healthy Drinks So Much Easier

Smoothies are a lot of work. First, you have to go find a high-quality blender. Then, you'll probably need to wait for it to go on sale, because those things can be expensive. After that, you have to find fruit, which means taking a seasonal job as a fruit picker and absconding with enough to make your smoothie. Of course, you could also go to the grocery store, but the freshness there might be questionable. Lastly, you must put the fruit in the blender. This assumes you have an electric outlet to plug it in. Which means you need a house. That's a ton of effort.

Fortunately, Nestlé is attempting to come to the rescue. Though the Nestlé brand has become known for being bad for consumers, with fully 60% of its products labeled as unhealthy according to India Today, the company seems to be trying to turn that around. Nestlé itself has said that it is attempting to produce healthier food that uses whole grains, less sugar, and more plant-based products for consumers who want an increase in organic options and less cruelty in their snacking experience.

In this quest for better food, Nestlé has now released Smoothie Cubes for those blender-less, fruit-less people without easy kitchen access who still want some nutrients and sweetness in their diet.

All the health benefits without the need for a blender

Outshine® is the name of Nestlé's frozen fruit brand, and it's known largely for making fruit bars and fruit pops. One glance at the ingredients shows that most of the Outshine® family is made with real fruit that is naturally fat-free. There's no gluten, no GMO's, no artificial colors or flavors, and none of that high fructose corn syrup that has been linked to various diseases (via Medical News Today). The brand itself is clearly aimed at clean living.

Most of the same care that goes into the other Outshine® products shows up in these new fruit Smoothie Cubes. The cubes are made with real fruit, are free from GMO ingredients, and have no sugars added. To eat these, there's no blender necessary. Simply put them into a cup of your favorite liquid, and in 15 minutes you'll be sipping on sweetness.

In addition to making the Smoothie Cubes convenient and healthy, Nestle has also added nutrients geared for specific activities. Each flavor focuses on different types of wellness. "The Glow To" is filled with Collagen Peptides and proteins. "The Go-Getter" has vitamin B for an extra boost, and "The Gut Supporter" is built with good digestion in mind. There's "The Workout Warrior" for fitness fanatics, and "The Brew Boss," for those who want a coffee smoothie. Plus, each one could also be used to spruce up a margarita recipe, should health be second on your list of priorities.