GBBO's Petrified Spider Cake Is Stealing Hearts Across Twitter

"The Great British Baking Show" gave us everything we wanted with Tuesday night's episode. Premiering mid-October, we got a breath of fresh air with a spooky-themed week. Rebranded as "The Great British Boo Off," the episode gave us contestants and hosts dressed up in costumes, countless seasonal puns, and, of course, what we all expected: Halloween-themed sweet treats (via The Guardian).

The three challenges in this week's episode had apple cake, S'mores, and the showstopper: Halloween hanging lanterns. For the most part, everyone executed the look of their hanging lanterns very well. Sandro's skull disco ball was well constructed, Janusz's horror movie popcorn design was very realistic, and Syabira's "Itsy Bitsy Spider" was not only a jaw-dropper, but Star Baker worthy. There was, however, one lantern that caught everyone's eyes more than the others — and not necessarily for the reasons you may think. The other spider cake of the week has stolen the hearts of fans on Twitter and it's absolutely perfect — in its own way.

Spider lantern turned meme

While there were two spider designs for the showstopper on this week's episode of "The Great British Baking Show," one is definitely getting more hype on Twitter than the other. Although Syabira won Star Baker with her "Itsy Bitsy Spider" lantern, Kevin's "Arachna-FOMO” bake is stealing the show. The final product Kevin showed to judges included a ball covered in lumpy chocolate icing with unorganized white circles for eyes and eight thick leg-like things attached on the sides. However, what the spider cake doesn't give in artistic ways, it makes up for in cuteness and memes.

Fans took to Twitter to comment on the spider lantern, coming up with classic and creative memes to honor the showstopper. One Twitter user posted a picture of the cake with the caption, "Next time someone asks me how my life is im just gonna show them this picture." Another fan posted a comparison of the two spider lanterns and wrote, "You Vs the guy she tells you not to worry about." Even the official GBBO Twitter account took to the trend and made their own joke, "Eight Legged Freaks but with Kevin's Halloween Week Showstopper," with a photoshopped picture of the spider cake on the movie poster.

For the most part, people seem to think this showstopper will go down in history — with its eight little "eyes" looking you right in the face — as the cutest Halloween treat you've ever seen.