The Addams Family Inspired 'Secret' Starbucks Drink You Should Know About

Are you a fan of all things creepy and kooky? How about mysterious and spooky? If you're starting to hear the rhythmic snapping of the classic Addams Family theme song right about now, we've got an important announcement for you. As the chilly fall weather beckons us to throw on a cozy sweater, sit by the fire, or wrap up like a burrito in a comfy blanket, so does the call of a piping hot cup of coffee to warm us to the core. Whether you're an "iced coffee all year long" type of caffeine consumer or prefer sticking to the toastier options on the Starbucks menu, there's something for everyone to love, especially if you know your way around the ever-changing secret menu.

Starbucks has always kept it interesting for coffee lovers. Its beverage menu is full of heavenly flavors, seasonal goodies, and familiar favorites that fans of the coffee chain keep coming back for. And during spooky season, you can snag one of its Halloween-inspired drinks from the secret menu, such as the Hocus Pocus latte to put a spell on your taste buds. 

At Starbucks, there are quite a few ghoulishly tempting secret menu drinks to enjoy this Halloween, one of which is based on the Addams Family. More specifically, the beverage is based on the stoic, sassy, and iconic Wednesday Addams.

The Wednesday Addams drink is a little sweet, but mostly dark

Created by Starbucks flavor pro Totally the Bomb, this black and white beauty is "dark like her outfit, it's light like her pale skin, it has a slight eerie look to it, it's strong, it's rich tasting. Ah yes, if Wednesday Addams went to Starbucks, I believe this would be her drink of choice." Not only is her aesthetic there, but the flavors used in the drink also mimic her personality, which go heavy on the boldness versus the sweetness. 

You can order the drink from Starbucks by asking for a specific combination of ingredients, starting with the Venti Cold Brew. Next, ask for mocha sauce to give it that inner darkness we're trying to achieve. For the final step, ask your barista to top off your Wednesday Addams drink with regular (not sweet) cold foam with a scoop of vanilla bean added into the mix.

Imagine sipping this creatively crafted drink as you binge the new Wednesday Addams Netflix show that will premiere this fall, per IMDb. Her character is the ultimate "mood," but at least you'll be in a particularly good mood while enjoying your frighteningly tasty tribute drink in her honor.